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Harmony Drills Discover drills and exercises to improve your knowledge of jazz harmony. There are harmonic drills can be completed at the piano, and also away from the piano. Find out more in the treads below. PDF Practice Plans Download PDF practice plans to supercharge your practice sessions. The information threads below are organised by course and contain links to our practice-focused video series. Vocal Accompaniment Find tips, advice, & guidance from our voice & piano expert, Lyndol Descant. Learn the art of vocal accompaniment & practice your skills with our vocal play-a-long tracks. Improvisation Exercises Transcription is when we listen to a recording and work out the notes and rhythms using our ears. This is one of the most effective ways to learn to improvise. These listening assignments will teach you to hear and identify melodies, chords, and common cadences.
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Weekly Transcription / Improvisation Exercises - Beginner 7 March 23, 2019
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Welcome To Our Improvisation/Transcription Section - Please Read

Hey I’m Tuomo Uusitalo, musician and composer, originally from Finland but currently residing in NYC. Many of you might already know me from my lessons here on PianoGroove. I’m excited to have this forum section to conn…

10 March 29, 2019
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Study One-To-one With Tuomo

Private Lessons With Tuomo Though Piano Groove provides all the material you will need to develop your piano skills, I know, from my own experience, that it is extremely helpful to have a personal instructor, to guide th…

2 March 29, 2019
Study One-To-One With Lyndol

Private Lessons With Lyndol I offer both face-to-face and online private lessons. Though I intend to provide all you need through the PianoGroove site, I know from my own experiences as a musician that there are times wh…

1 March 27, 2019
Welcome To Our Vocal Accompaniment Section - Please Read

Hey I’m Lyndol Descant, musician and composer, originally from Texas but currently teaching and gigging actively in Brooklyn and greater NYC. Many of you might already know me from my lessons here on PianoGroove. I’m ex…

1 March 27, 2019
Behind The Scenes With Lyndol 1 November 26, 2018
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