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Bill Evans This category is dedicated to the legacy of Bill Evans. It's a place for the community to share their favourite Bill Evans recordings. Copy and paste a YouTube URL directly into the comment box, share your favourite links and resources on the great Bill Evans. Kenny Barron This category is to dedicated to the great Kenny Barron. I'll be sharing some of his finest recordings and performances in this section of the forum. Hank Jones Chet Baker Chet was a truly brilliant jazz musician and he has always been one of my main inspirations. His lines tend to stay 'inside' and contain lots of chord tones and interesting extension choices. Chet is a great player to learn from and quite an accessible player to transcribe from. McCoy Tyner Share and discover records, albums and transcriptions from this jazz legend. Wynton Kelly <strong>Wynton Charles Kelly</strong> (December 2, 1931 – April 12, 1971) was a Jamaican American jazz pianist and composer. He is known for his lively, blues-based playing and as one of the finest accompanists in jazz.
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