Practice Inspiration

This forum category contains information threads, video tutorials, and downloads to help us practice efficiently and effectively. For many of us, we have busy lives, lots of commitments, and a limited amount of time to dedicate to practicing jazz piano.

PianoGroove Lessons

This category is a place to discuss PianoGroove lessons. You can submit ideas for new lesson topics and vote on which jazz standards and theory lessons you want to see in the lesson library.

Jazz Theory Discussion

This is a place to share any resources on the art of jazz improvisation. This could be text resources, videos, masterclasses, recordings. Anything that may be useful and insightful to others!

Jazz Records & Musicians

This category is all about listening to more jazz! You can find in-depth threads on your favourite musicians containing notable recordings, performances, transcriptions, bios and other inspiration!

Site Feedback & Features

Here at PianoGroove, we take the needs and requests of all our students very seriously. If you have any suggestions to make the website better or easier to use, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Software & Setup

Here you can find software, apps, & tools to supplement your jazz piano studies.