Course on Accompanying Singers

(Hayden Hill) #21

That’s great Natasha… I’m glad to hear you like the course.

The idea is that future jazz standard accompaniment lessons would follow a similar format and style.


Yes that will be my next course Neil, something like:

“Preparing Yourself For Trio Playing & Jazz Bands”

It’s a journey I’ve taken over the last couple of years and so I’m now in a very good position to teach how to students can prepare themselves for this role. Again, it’s a very different role from solo piano and I’m excited to share my insight.

We can certainly use this “Autumn Leaves”, and other medium-up tunes as examples.

Leave that with me, I’ve already started planning it and look forward to recording the course.

I’ll likely get started recording once these 2 courses have been published.

Great minds think alike Lori :wink:

Check this page design for our new teachers:


The page will:

  1. Give some basic information on the teacher
  2. Highlight their videos and audio of their compositions
  3. Show their current city and teaching offering for personal Skype or in-Person lessons
  4. Show their event work offering such as weddings and private events

I see the teacher pages being a strong promotional tool by linking to their personal websites.

This should also act as a nice incentive to become a PianoGroove teacher.

I envisage that our teachers will be supported by the PianoGroove community. We can follow their social accounts for example. Ultimately, I think we can all not only learn from the teachers but also help them with their goals of more exposure and bigger followings.

Exciting! :grinning:

Thanks for the feedback guys… I’ll post further updates right in this thread.


(Hayden Hill) #22

@lori269188 - to view the tutor page design, right click on the image above and select “Open Image In New Tab” and it will open the design in a full-screen window.

Screenshot here:


(Hayden Hill) #23

I received a suggestion for the tune “Georgia On My Mind” to be covered from an accompaniment standpoint. You can find solo piano tutorials on the tune here and here.

If anyone has any other suggestions for accompaniment related tunes, please post them in here to keep track and have them all in one place :slight_smile:

(Smole) #24

That would be a fine idea, at least for me (others, too, I hope): it would bond me even more to the teachers and the whole process while learning.

Best, Ivan

(Hayden Hill) #25

Yes I think it will be a great addition Ivan.

Students can learn more about the teachers they are studying with which I think is great.

A while ago, a student suggested the idea of a live feed which shows when and where notable jazz artists are performing in a city, state or even a country.

It could be nice to display our teachers’ event/performance listings too!


(Christine Damiano) #26

Thanks Hayden! Your quick response to our feedback is most appreciated!!

(Hayden Hill) #27

My pleasure Christine.

The next 2 lessons will be ready shortly on “Summertime” and “How To Transpose”.

(James Lambie) #28

I finally got round to checking these out - thanks Hayden and Lyndol, these are really helpful. For me personally, the value is in how it relates to me composing my own stuff. So this gives me insights into how to accompany myself - and how to arrange by not crowding the vocals by throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the harmony (I’ve been guilty of this…). Thanks again, and looking forward to checking out the whole course.

(Hayden Hill) #29

That’s awesome James.

Lyndol will be thrilled to hear that.

Hope your compositions are coming along well too!

(Hayden Hill) #30

Also Lyndol’s course has turned into 9 lesson now.

All recording has been completed and most of the editing done.

I’ll post another update here shortly.

Thanks for everyone’s patience. I’m very excited to launch the new courses and start the next chapter of PianoGroove.

(Lyndol Descant ) #31

Hello Everybody, Thanks so much for the feedback! I’ve really enjoyed creating these lessons - so much. I love being able to share my passion for playing and singing jazz standards with you guys. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate. And I would love to know what songs you are interested in… sounds like Georgia on my Mind needs to be in the queue. - Lyndol

(Hayden Hill) #32

Awesome, thanks for the intro Lyndol.

And welcome to the PianoGroove Community! :confetti_ball: :tada: :grinning:

I’m sure all students are as happy as I am to have you onboard as a teacher, and we are all eagerly anticipating the course launch this week.

To give everyone an update, recording is finished and I am currently editing the final lesson - lesson 9 of the course. More updates shortly.

(Lori Nelson) #33

I love you for sentimental reasons. Not a song we have covered yet.

(Hayden Hill) #34

We’re putting the final touches on Lyndol’s course… just a few small tweaks to the videos to make sure they are perfect.

Here’s a taste of what else is included in the course:

(Lyndol Descant ) #35

What a beautiful song! Yes, I’ll put this in the queue. Warmed my heart today to listen to it, these lyrics are the most romantic! Thanks for the suggestion Lori.

(James Lambie) #36

Hi Lyndol! A vote over here for This Masquerade. The version by George Benson is nice:

(Hayden Hill) #37

Awesome record James.

Listen to how he sings in unison with his improvised lines from 3:25… I always hear guitarlists doing this… vocalising their improv. When I first heard guitarists doing this, it made me realise that improv ‘comes from within’ ie. those lines and licks are coming from he’s hearing head, based on what he’s listening.

A bass player once told me that I am the instrument and the piano keyboard I’m using is just plastic and metal that allows me to bring the sounds in my head to life. I was kinda new to jazz at the time and didn’t get it, but I do now!

Also… PianoGroove Tutorials On “This Masquerade”

Not sure if you’ve seen these, but we covered that tune back in 2016, we did a tutorial over the chords, and then also an improv-focused one with blues and modal licks. Im not sure what key Lyndol would choose, but we did it in F Minor.

Here they are…

Main tutorial:

Imporv Tutorial:

(Lyndol Descant ) #38

Oh Yes! Love it! This will be fun to work on. Thanks for the suggestion~

(James Lambie) #39

Thank you Lyndol - it’s a great song! :smiley:

(James Lambie) #40

Oh that is awesome Hayden, thank you! So with those and the backing track in iRealpro this will be a great session when I get round to it! I think I have a copy of the sheet music too.

That is an amazing quote about being the instrument - George Benson is a great example of that. His album ‘In Flight’ is superb. I don’t want to hijack this thread into a listening one, but he does an amazing job on a track called ‘You Can Do It Baby’ on one of my all-time favourite albums, ‘Nuyorican Soul’ (1996) which was pulled together by the esteemed house/dance duo Kenny Dope & Louie Vega, but they strip it right back to rootsy Latin flavours of all kinds. Just awesome!