Foundations Course Revamped

Hi Everyone,

The last couple of weeks I’ve been revamping the Jazz Piano Foundations Course and I republished the updated version last night:

The audio and visual quality is now much better than the previous versions and I also added a new lesson on major scale fingerings which was commonly requested by students.

There are a few more lessons to be added to the course, one of them is a more simplified practice planner, as the current practice planner can be a little daunting for students who are brand new to jazz piano. There will also be some more beginner jazz standard arrangements.

I’m recording another course on “Whole Step 251 Drills” from beginner to advanced. This was requested in my last live seminar but I wanted to get the foundations course revamped before working on this.

It’s now top of my to-do-list so expect this new course to land in the next week or so.



Your continued attention to the courses and PianoGroove in general is very much appreciated. Thanks! :musical_keyboard:


I second that. PianoGroove is an invaluable resource to me - hard to stress how helpful and useful all the content on this website is

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Thanks guys… great to hear that feedback! :sunglasses: