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(Pierre) #102

Wellcome Christian ! another lovely presentation

yes nice idea this breathing concept Hayden , even it is so simple i’ve never done it . But easy things often the hardest to apply. … and it should help having some overview of what we are playing… often so many things in mind when trying to improvise … even no time for breathing :slight_smile:

(James Lambie) #103

Hey @TactfulCactus - welcome! Great to hear about your background. Another Chick Corea fan here too!

I started learning from scratch as an adult without any musical background as a kid, and for me just having some time daily to absorb something that will help me or develop my ear is good enough - and I say that as someone who went through a phase of really pushing myself to produce. And I’ve had a great time learning more on here, so I’d really like to hear what you’d want to share in the ‘what I’m listening to’ thread: What Record Are You Listening To Today?

And hope you have a great time getting started! :smiley: :sunglasses:

(Lori Nelson) #104

Welcome. Don’t let this vast library of material intimidate you. The right way to do this is whatever feels fun. Enjoy

(Christian Silva) #105

Thanks for the terrific welcome, everyone! I really appreciate all your input and support. @Hayden, thanks for the thorough response. I’ll be keeping all that information in mind as I proceed through my PianoGroove education.

@james505545, it’s really good to hear that someone else has had the “adult beginner” experience. I’ve been listening to quite a lot of good records lately, so I’ll be sure to contribute to that topic soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks again! I hope to get to know everyone through these forums soon enough!

(James Lambie) #106

Looking forward to hearing your picks @TactfulCactus! Enjoy diving into the lessons :smiley:

(Dr. Dean Bard) #107

Dr. Dean Bard 69 years young Retired Emergency Physician Played piano age 7 to 18 then off to College etc. Bought a grand piano 5+ years ago and relearned all over. Joined a classical piano private school and studied 3 years advancing to intermediate + level. Completed a 3 year chord based piano course to get away from being tied to the music score. Piano Groove seems to be exactly what I’ve been searching for. I just started with the Beginner lessons to learn the Jazz basics and theory. I have been arranging from a melody line and chord notation but not in a jazz theory style. I play almost every morning 2-4 hours and I don’t know where the time goes. Very delighted with this new approach. Looking forward to playing each day. Any help, advice etc. is always appreciated. I will try to post a picture. I have all my music on I-Pad with Air Turn to advance the pages. Your video lessons seem straight forward and easy to understand.

Thank You,

Dr. Dean

(Lori Nelson) #108

Welcome. I’m a still working ARNP. I too am shocked at the time that has passed and I’ve been at the piano.
Glad you enjoy the PianoGroove format.

(Hayden Hill) #109

Welcome Dr. Dean! :wave:

From what you outline, it sounds like you have a good amount of piano experince ‘under your belt’ and you will be able to dive straight into the beginner/intermediate courses.

2-4 hours is a very good amount of time to practice and you will see great results sticking to this everyday.

I’d recommend checking out our practice inspiration section of the forum:

You will see that in the Practice Plan PDF Downloads, we recommend roughly splitting your practice time in half - 50% Theory Drills, and 50% Jazz Standard Study.

The practice plans have been designed for 1 hour practice slots. If you have more time on your hands, simply multiply the designated exercise time by 2, 3, or 4.

It’s important that you try to cover many different theory topics in each practice session, so that you are improving your understanding on a wide range of topics each time you sit down to practice.

The study of jazz standards is where we apply this theory, and also the more enjoyable aspect of learning to play jazz piano, so make sure you are playing the jazz standards!

I hope this helps to give you some initial direction, and if you have any specific questions with the theory topics we are always here to help.


(Marcol) #110

Hi Hayden
I am 62 years old and I am now retired.
I am french and I live around Paris

I learned piano classical music during about 10 years but with some interruption . And my last classical piece was a chopin waltz not too complicated.

I have real time to practice jazz piano now and to explore your website.
My goal is to play some jazz standards and improvise in all styles (bossa nova, blues, jazz).
I would to constitute a little repertoire and playing it in front of my family, or playing in a band…Why Not ?

I don’t listen enough jazz. I I would like help to make a little program to listen the main jazz standards during the year.
What are the first main recordings to listen in jazz ? May be, you can make me a list of the best recordings.

Soon, I am going to learn also chromatic harmonica. It is my favorite instrument after the piano, of course.

I know now , Hayden, that you start soon your own quartet. But, please, don’t give up your website. We need your advices and your new lessons.


(Dan Renton) #111

Welcome aboard the Groove train @dr1 I’m Dan, the Video specialist for PianoGroove, glad to have someone of your level join. I will be floating around capturing collaborative PianoGrooves like the following from @Lyndol and @Hayden

Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with

(Hayden Hill) #112

Those are some very realistic goals Marc.

We have all of the information here in the PianoGroove syllabus to help you achieve those goals!

Yes listening is extremely important Marc.

Check out our jazz recordings thread here for a huge amount of inspiration:

I would recommend that you listen many different jazz piano players, and find ones that you like the sound of.

The listening thread has 000s of different records:

It might be nice to make note of the artists that you like, and then listen to all of their work.

Try to listen every chance you have in the day and your musicality will increase exponentially within the space of a year.

Enjoy the lessons Marc!

(Hayden Hill) #113

Marc I forgot to answer your final question…

I’m certainly not going anywhere… PianoGroove is my life and I love teaching online and managing the website.

I’ve been drawn away from my original teaching schedule with the growing commitments of managing the website/forum and working with our extended teaching team.

However, I’m working on getting things in place to free up my time again…

So lots more lessons to come from me, and I’ll always be here in the forum to advise and guide our students :grinning:

(Pierre) #114

Wellcome guys !
@dr1 wow impressive background in piano … hope hearing your playing soon on the forum . Dont tell me more how long you can play in a day … i will be jealous :smile:

@loffredo1630087 another french man in the journey … n’hésite pas à me demander si tu as des questions particulières sur lesquelles tu aimerai avoir des réponses en français :slight_smile: bienvenu Marc.