Keith Jarrett - Transcription Exercises

In this thread we explore the style of Keith Jarrett.

Keith Jarrett Biography:

Download full biography: Keith Jarret Biography.pdf (18.4 KB)

Keith Jarrett is considered one of the most influential modern jazz pianists. Stylistically extremely versatile Jarrett has performed over 6 decades, performing as a leader as well as a sideman from traditional trio setting to free jazz, fusion, pop and classical music.

Important Discography To Start With:

Download full suggested discography: Keith Jarrett - Suggested Discography.pdf (16.7 KB)

What Do These Exercises Cover?

  • Exercises on this thread are built to give the students a deeper view on Keith Jarrett’s style, soloing, comping as well as an overall look into the tradition of jazz through his artistry.
  • Exercises are transcription-based, following with a closer look into certain details of his playing. This way we can combine ear-training with learning the language of jazz, as well as analyzing closely what is happening.