Mistake in the sheet music

(Pierre) #1

Maybe we could have a post to mention errors we seems to have notice in sheet music

in extended chord lessons / voicing cheat sheet : before last chord on the page C7#5 #9 : #9 not E# but D#

(Hayden Hill) #2

Great spot Pierre - I have attached an amended version below:

Common_Voicings_Cheat_Sheet.pdf (2.0 MB)

I will update this download on all the lesson pages which appears.

Sometimes I add these in these ‘typos’ to make sure our students are paying attention… just kidding :grin: … it was indeed my mistake there.

Please always let me know if you spot anything like that and I will fix it.


(Pierre) #3

wow so reactive impressive :astonished:

this sheet music so great to have , thanks!

(Pierre) #4

autumn leaves ballad measure 41 : F13b9 Gb instead Fb

pdf minor voicings options measure 5 : Em notes dont fit the text above

(Hayden Hill) #5

Thanks Pierre… much appreciated :+1::+1:

I will fix shortly.