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(Brian Smith) #1

How about a lesson on the Bruno Martino tune "Estate"
Brian Smith


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(Hayden Hill) #2

Sure thing Brian, I’ll add that tune to the lesson schedule.


(Michael J Albanese) #3


would you consider covering the jazz standard “When Sunny gets Blue”

I’ve studied this song in a part class, but i would live to see your chord voicings & analysis…


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(Hayden Hill) #4

Hi Michael,

Yes we can certainly cover that tune.

I will keep you posted with progress.


(Hayden Hill) #5

What key have you been playing this in @Michael_J_Albanese ?..

F Major?

Here’s a nice version with Chet Baker:

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(Kim Long) #6

Hayden, would you please consider After the Rain? McCoy Tyner has a beautiful arrangement, I’ll try to post.
Thank you!

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(Martin) #7

Hi Hayden,

For Jovino’s Brazilian Grooves series, I’d like to request a tutorial for Hermeto Pascoal’s song Menina Ilza:

Like all of Hermeto’s music, it’s a harmonically beautiful song with complex chord progressions, but compared to the changes in his other works it doesn’t seem too difficult to learn. I’m sure Jovino knows the song very well - I’ll also ask him about it on Facebook.

Thanks for considering this! I was just in Seattle for a conference but alas didn’t manage to catch one of Jovino’s shows.


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(Hayden Hill) #8

Hi Martin,

I just saw this post… apologies for the late reply.

And yes we will certainly include this tune in the next course.

Jovino and I recorded a new course last month which is currently in the editing phrase. The course focuses on Hermeto’s triad approach to improvisation.

There are 4 theory lessons, and then 5 groovy Brazilian tunes selected by Jovino.

Of course… we will cover it in the next recording session.

And shame you didn’t catch one of Jovino’s shows… hopefully next time you’re in town.



(Diana) #9

How often, on average are new lessons added to Pianogroove? Is it every month or less frequently?


(Hayden Hill) #10

Hi Diana,

New lessons are continually being added.

The following lessons have been added in the last 2 weeks:

Lessons by myself:

Lessons by Tuomo:

Lessons By Lyndol:

Upcoming Courses & Lessons

We have a new Brazilian course by Jovino. The 9-lesson course explores the triad improvisation approach of Jovino’s mentor - Hermeto Pascoal - and applies it to 5 Brazilian tunes. We’re in the editing/uploading stages.

We also have a “How To Play Like” Course by Tuomo which covers the style of the following musicians: Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Bud Powell, Oscar Peterson, Thelonious Monk, Wynton Kelly, & McCoy Tyner. We’re in the editing/uploading stages.

I’m working on the practice plan series for our course on Altered Harmony, and also arranging some new jazz standard lessons.

So lots in the pipeline too.

If you have any lesson ideas or suggestions do let us know and we try our best to accommodate all student requests.


(Diana) #11

Wow thank you so much. Very informative reply, you got my interest. So much to learn, so little time… :slight_smile: