New Live Event Section & Pages

Hi PianoGroovers :wave:t2:

Here are some initial ideas for the new live section of the website. We will soon be creating the finalised designs and building the pages, so if anyone has any comments, ideas, or suggestions just let me know:

1) Upcoming Live Event Page:

This is the page design for a scheduled/upcoming live event.

This page shows the countdown to the event, buttons to register and/or submit questions, related lessons and related links, and an ‘add to calendar’ button:

2) Archived Live Event Page

After the live event has happened, the event will be archived and the page will change to the design below.

When a live event is finished, chapters will be added to make the content easy to navigate, the comments/questions/answers will appear below the video, and at the top of the page there will be a bar showing a countdown and registration to the next live event:

3) Live Event Index Page

Finally we have a live event index page.

It will archive previous live events and show upcoming live events, at the top of the page there will be a countdown and registration the next event, and finally there will be options to filter the events by genre, difficulty, teacher, and popularity:

Event Topics & Ideas

Thanks to everyone who has sent their ideas for upcoming events, here is non-exhaustive list of the topics we will be covering, any other ideas be sure to let me know:

  • Live Jazz Standard Walkthroughs
  • How To Practice [Topic]
  • Virtual Recitals
  • Open Q&A Format on [Topic]
  • Soloing & Improvisation Workshops
  • Tune & Song Analysis

Next Live Event

I will be hosting regular live events as soon as the new live section of the site is built.

There are some technical tasks we need to complete to allow for registration and submitting questions. For the first live stream we utilised 3rd party platforms for this but we are building a bespoke system directly within the PianoGroove site for a more seamless experience.

@Lyndol has a wonderful idea to host virtual recitals where there will be performances by our teachers and also our students should anyone wish to participate and get feedback on their playing in a friendly and relaxed environment. We will be announcing more on this shortly.



WOWza!! :heart: This is AweSoMe! :
Thank you so much for the new updates! Hayden :blush:
Exciting! and Really Looking Forward to it :star_struck:

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:star_struck: great job !!! … waiting for the next event …

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Sounds like a wonderful addition to the program. Cheers! :musical_keyboard:

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Here’s the finalised design for the individual live event page:

We are finalising the design for the upcoming event/archive and the new live section should be published in the next week or 2.

I’m excited to get this new section published and live events will be broadcast at least once per week by myself and our other teachers.

Any feedback or ideas on the designs do let us know.



Super! I like seeing the count down! :star_struck:

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This looks brilliant! Your continued efforts are greatly appreciated.


Hi everyone :wave:t2:

The final 2 page designs are below. We’ve started coding and building the new section of the site and it should finished in a week or so.

Archived Live Event Page

Once a live event has finished, the live chat box on the right hand side will become a chaptering module for easy navigation after the event.

The live comments are then moved below the video and students can continue to comment and ask questions on the material presented in the session:

Past Event Archive Page

All previous live events will be archived on the below index page. We can filter and search by teacher, genre, difficulty, topic, and most popular:

We also have a new logo for this section of the website :man_artist:

As well as our current teaching team, we are planning ‘guest live events’ from other accomplished musicians and educators… more to be announced on this soon.



Wow! This looks wonderful! Thank you for creating such a rich learning environment for your students.

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Thanks , great Job :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:!!! excited to hear it :ok_hand: :love_you_gesture:

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Hayden, you and your coders are coming up with some awesome stuff! This will make the new Live Events section available to all regardless of time zone. Well done. :+1:

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