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(Mariella) #41

Wow! I loved the chords you played, and the ending was very beautiful! Very good taste.

PIerre practice routine in video, challenges
(Lori Nelson) #42

Ok here goes, I just learned the song and it’s got plenty of mistakes and not great rhythm

PIerre practice routine in video, challenges
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(Paul Bahnisch) #43

Lori. Very lovely. You under rate yourself. A lovely arrangement. All the effort is paying off!

I’m envious!

(Lori Nelson) #44

You should know that four years ago I could not have done anything like this! 85% of my piano abilities flourished by learning TUNES on PianoGroove… I completely ignored the theory lessons, because I feared they would be boring and all I wanted to do was learn a song. But with each tune I slowly (inadvertently) absorbed some root,1,3,7 knowledge and my hands began naturally grabbing those voicings from the lesson. I STILL lack a lot of understanding, but I get to enjoy playing tunes that I have learned and memorized.
Hayden has put forth an amazing volume of instruction. We are blessed.

(Paul Bahnisch) #45

Likewise. I’ve spent my time learning the tunes based on the video without looking deeply into the theory. Like you I tend to play the tunes each day that I’ve learnt so that I don’t forget (haha) and still in several tunes still refer to the transcription.

While there are some learnings on my part, maybe I need to revisit the theory that’s referred to in each tune rather than mirroring what has been transcribed by Hayen.

I agree, Hayden’s style and teachings have helped me to get back to playing after so many years where my career took over (over 10+ years) and now learning again which is tough (especially Jazz chords, 251.s etc and applying them).

(Lori Nelson) #46

Agree…time to grasp the basics :joy:. Lately I have been trying to actually LEARN a concept with each project. ( I tend to jump straight to the ballad,). but now I try to start and stay with the rootless voicings and study each one, in four bar phrases. And try to NOT play the melody till I feel that progression We will see…
I need to accept that this is a lifelong endeavor… certainly more a journey than a destination. It’s Good for my brain.

(Hayden Hill) #47

Beautifully and tastefully played Lori :clap:

You bring out the colours of the tune wonderfully. I love the melody of “Laura” … it’s so elegant and you pay homage to it, which for me is always key when playing ballads. The melody must be recognise-able in my opinion, at least the first time we play the head.

ps. I downloaded your video and embedded it in your post so it can be watched easily here in the thread.

(Hayden Hill) #48

@paul1523727 and @LoriNelson - hearing your comments is awesome and makes me so happy to be teaching here at PianoGroove.

(Hayden Hill) #49

Brilliant thanks for the guidance here Pierre.

Yes simply drop a YouTube URL in the thread and it will automatically embed.

We can also do the same with Vimeo URLs.

(Celia ) #50

Just lovely Lori! You give me inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing. I love the touch and feeling that you gave the song.

(Pierre) #51

Wow Great and lovely playing @LoriNelson !!!
Bravo !!! I dont feel lonely anymore :slight_smile: and hope other will have this courage .

thanks so much

(Lori Nelson) #52

Thanks everybody for the nice comments. I had to record it about five times before my nervousness settled down (silly, I know! I’m alone and can delete it :joy:). Anyone else want to present one little simple song that you have learned? Go for it! We are in this learning curve together.

(Hayden Hill) #53

I just listened again Lori… your introduction is sublime.

I also love the ‘call and response’ thing you have going too… at 0:55 … you state the melody, and then fill the space with a response. It’s really nice :+1:

(Scott Foll) #54

Lori and Paul,

I read with interest your comments about jumping to the tunes and sort of skipping over the the theory lessons. My experience with PianoGroove has been the opposite. I fear I’m sometimes spending more time with the theory than the tunes. But that has to do with my own personal history.

I had lessons as a kid that like most I sort of stumbled through. Between 15 and 25, I played pretty regularly and seriously, but never studied much–except for a year in my twenties with a guy that played marimba with Xavier Cugat (use your Wiki :wink:). I played by ear and did most of the charts off the records for the bands I played with (mostly rock/pop/country). No idea about extensions or anything of the sort. Just basic chords and sorting stuff out between ourselves listening to the records.

I never knew what I was doing. So now at my age I have one last go-round, and I want to try to figure it out formally. I tell you, Hayden, your approach is brilliant. With just a month or so of fiddling around with your system, I now know the vocabulary/grammar, the things/questions I need to ask to navigate some of the theory books that I have, like those by Mark Levine, Jerry Coker, Dan Haerle, and Bert Ligon. Sort of daunting, but they are starting to make sense now (well, parts are :smile:) ; it would take another lifetime to work through all that’s out there).

And also I’m so enjoying some of the lovely sounds of the chords in your transcriptions. Sometimes I just play certain chords over and over and listen to the sound. It’s like reading/listening to poetry. I know how to scan poetry; now I’m starting to understand how to scan chords. (Years ago, I had a recording of Dylan Thomas reading his works and would put it on when I was working around the house. Didn’t matter the sense–just the sounds and rhythm were enough to enjoy.)

(Lori Nelson) #55

we all have our own tendencies, just make sure it is always fun and fascinating!!

I NOW try to take a little more time as I am learning the tunes to say aloud the intervals in my fingers; some of it sticks in my head and sometimes not, but I tend to just let go and keep tinkering around with songs and re-visiting PianoGroove lessons, I frequently surprise myself with some sense of ear/hand coordination even when I don’t fully understand what I am doing from the sense of theory. you are right Scott - its a lifetime endeavor … So nice to have this PianoGroove community to support each and challenge each other.

(Hayden Hill) #56

Awesome… I’m glad to hear that Scott.

Even after a lifetime of studying jazz, i think there is always more to explore and discover!

That’s great. I like to think of chords and voicings in terms of the colour and texture they create.

I agree, I find it such a pleasure to simply indulge in the wonderful sounds of jazzy chords and voicings.

(Dan Renton) #57

YES YES YES @LoriNelson I agree with @paul1523727 with underestimating yourself but that’s just a meticulous pat of our nature and ultimately what makes us better ourselves!

Your pace I thought was great, it communicated a real nice (but not over the top) level of passion to the piece, keep them coming.

Also - This is a first…

Top marks for camera shot/angle and audio. You are top of Dr Dans Leaderboard for technical delivery for Pierre’s Practice Routine :star:

(Lori Nelson) #58

:joy:. Thanks Dan, I have to laugh…that was an iPad perched on a book and I was worried that my 10ft ceilings and hardwood floors would make my piano ring like an old clunker. :joy:
I want to tell you that I just watched the Facebook link: pianogroove promotional and informative video that you have created, and the quality is astounding.

(Dan Renton) #59

Thanks @LoriNelson, glad you like it :grinning: Throughout my video career, you wouldn’t believe some of the props I’ve had to improvise with… folded up card, chairs, boxes, haha, anything to get the right shot :+1:

(Kim Long) #60

That’s brilliant Lori! Serious me gets way too hung up on technicality and I have a hunch that if I lighten up and take a more fun approach like you’ve done I could be loving it even more than I already do. And you’re so right about how blessed we are to have such a gifted, passionate, and generous master teacher in Hayden.

Your performance of Laura was absolutely beautiful and I applaud your courage for sharing…bravo!