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(Lori Nelson) #61

Thanks Kim, so there you are, it’s your turn, you are among friends and fellow self-critical students…so just relax and post one small thing you are working on. ( I hated the notion, but breaking that ice has really helped me chill out… mistakes and all)
I can play Beautiful Love as a ballad, but my next goal is to add left hand voicings and comp and improv on it… I’ll keep ya posted.

p.s. If you ever take that motorcycle on a road trip to the PNW let me know!

(Hayden Hill) #62

@kim22 Yep it’s so easy to get caught up on small technicalities and little ‘mistakes’ but ultimately, we just play to express ourselves through music. Everything does not need 100% perfect.

I was honestly a terrible critic of my own music and hearing how much our students enjoy the arrangements has been a huge boost in confidence for myself to play in front of others. It’s just so easy to be self critical!

Congratulations @Pierrot for starting this wonderful thread - and to @LoriNelson for sharing that beautiful rendition of “Laura” :+1:

(Kim Long) #63

Thanks as always Hayden, for the words of encouragement! And yes, thank you to Pierre and Lori!
I wish we could someday have a Pianogroove retreat where we would all get to meet in person!

I spent a fun day in Lori’s hometown several years ago and wish I could have known her then …we could have had a toast to you!

(Hayden Hill) #64

Funny you mention that Kim as I think PianoGroove Meet Ups / Retreats would be a fantastic idea. We could have our teachers on stage giving lectures with overhead view projected onto a big screen, and then lots of keyboards with headphones for so that it doesn’t get too ruckus :smile:

Perhaps we could host multiple ones as we have students throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

I would be more than happy to spend a few weeks of the year doing this and I’m sure our teachers would be interested too.

Something for us to explore this year for sure!

Yes I was up near @LoriNelson 's hometown over the summer for the Port Townsend Jazz Fest … the Olympic Peninsula is such beautiful part of the USA and I had fun cycling/hiking with an old friend of mine.

We have a studio in Seattle for working with our Seattle-based teachers, so…

If you do ever arrange that toast, let me know and i will come and join you groovy gals :grinning:

(Kim Long) #65

WOW!! I’m looking forward to the evolution of that retreat!! Italy would be great fun lol, but wherever it ends up being I’ll want to be there. You are definitely the everything is possible kind of thinker! :blush:

(Dr. Dean Bard) #68

Nice. Which chord progression are you playing over and key?
6 2 5 1 etc
Dr Dean

(Dr. Dean Bard) #69

Beautiful! You have inspired me to record a video. I will use iPad Pro but not sure how to send it.
Dr Dean

(Pierre) #70

in this case i was just waking up and playing some kenny Barron voicing which fly me to this little piece … nothing about theory send me to this piece … just my ears and fingering trying to catch what i had in my head one chord or melody getting me to the next … more a ambience to catch than a key at this moment.

diminished harmony is around i think

(Pierre) #71

I am really a windows guy but it should not be such complicate you can download it in youtube or just on some dropbox or icloud and just paste a link to it .

heres a link to post it on youtube

 How to Upload Videos Straight From The iPhone iPod iPad to YouTube

[Hayden Hill]

Yes simply drop a YouTube URL in the thread and it will automatically embed.

We can also do the same with Vimeo URLs.

Now , we are all waiting this video Doctor !

(Hayden Hill) #72

Yes as @Pierrot says, the best thing to do is to upload your video to YouTube, and then simply copy the YouTube URL into the forum post.

When you copy a YouTube URL into the forum post, it automatically creates a video embed.

The benefit is that YouTube can handle big video files, and also ensure the video playback speed is top notch.

@Dan - do you have any ideas here?

(Hayden Hill) #73

We can also use Vimeo, here is an example of me playing over the blues earlier this evening.

Excuse my office/studio… it’s a little messy :grin:

Again, simply drop the vimeo link into the post, and it creates an embed like this:

Here’s what my post looks like:


Yes the best way is to create a vimeo or youtube channel, upload your videos there from your iPad then copy & paste the links here. Both Vimeo and YouTube offer the feature to keep your videos unlisted so that the rest of the web can’t view it but you can post here.

I’ll get some imagery and instructions together if this isn’t clear @dr1

(Dr. Dean Bard) #75

I am not very tec savy. Should receive tripod mount for iPad in next few days. I plan to video then as I am finishing arranging “Misty” from the lead sheet… Once that is complete I will need assistance to send it to pianogroove. Step by step instructions may be necessary.
Dr Dean

Pianogroove is by far the best educational experience in piano. I awake excited to practice every day!


No problem @dr1 I’ll get some detailed instructions for you and this is probably something we’ll incorporate into an explainer video for all members going forward.

Looks like we may have a new contender for the top spot on Dr. Dans Leaderboard for technical delivery.

Will get detailed instructions ASAP.


(Lori Nelson) #77

Thanks I was reluctant to use YouTube, because I didn’t want worldwide access to my video. So you can have it unlisted.
Will try that out


Yes @LoriNelson on your YouTube video, if you click on ‘Edit Video’ the option to have your video Public, Unlisted or Private is here (See screenshot)

If you set it to unlisted (then click save) you can still share the link but it isn’t visible to anyone else.

(Hayden Hill) #79

Brilliant thanks @Dan :+1:

I agree that unlisted YouTube videos are the way to go. When I upload my performances they are always ‘unlisted’ as I only create them to be shared here in the forum.

Ultimately, the purpose is just to share our recordings and things we are working on, so that we can motivate and inspire ourselves and others students.

The Next Step… “Share Your Licks, Lines, & Solos”

I also see a tonne of benefit in sharing things we are transcribing… like little licks, lines, intros, solos, comping patterns etc… and I think this would be a surefire way to encourage everyone to transcribe more.

One of the most common questions I receive is about how to learn to improvise. Slowly we are creating the ‘ecosystem’ here that will allow exactly that. The key is listening and transcription.

We have the Transcription Forum Category here - Tuomo and myself and working on populating it with more transcription studies which will be available shortly.

Then we will be settings monthly exercises on transcribing short phrases such as 251s, and also longer more complex exercises such as transcribing parts of a solo, or transcribing an introduction etc…

I’m really excited for this because it will ensure that I am doing lots of transcription too which is often hard to find the time to do! :grinning:

(Dr. Dean Bard) #80

Continuing the discussion from Share Your Music, Recordings, & Performances :musical_note::

Received iPad tripod mount and will film video this weekend. Need advice to complete this project and send it to pianogroove.
Very excited! Since this is not a classical performance I probably will not need tails and white tie attire. Tails and black formal should be appropriate. I am still a formal guy at heart.
Dr Dean

(Hayden Hill) #81

That’s great new Dr Dean, and yes black formal with tails will be a very fitting attire! :grin:

@Pierre shared this video on how to upload to YouTube from a iPhone or iPad.

It shows how to upload directly from the “Camera” app on your iPad, check it out here:

Remember that you can make the video “Unlisted” when uploading if you desire. This makes the video invisible on YouTube, whilst still giving you the ability to share it here in the forum.

Once uploaded, simply copy the video URL (see screenshot below) and paste it into your forum post. You will then see that the video displays like magic!

If you need any further guidance just let us know and we’re happy to help

(Hayden Hill) #82

It’s also worth mentioning, if you are using the YouTube App on your iPad, you will not see the URL bar, and so this is how you would copy the video URL:

Step 1 - Click on the “Share Button”

Step 2 - Click on the “Copy Link” Button

Step 3 - Paste that link into your forum post and the video will automatically embed :sunglasses: