Spotify Playlist for Ted Gioia's "The Jazz Standards"

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I’ve been working on a Spotify playlist for the last few weeks that is finally done, and I thought I would share it here. It’s a collection of all of the versions of jazz standards listed as “recommended versions” in Ted Gioia’s The Jazz Standards. If you aren’t familiar with this, this book is a tremendous resource that provides a history of ~250 popular jazz standards as well as recommended recordings from the origins of each song up through 21st century versions. Here’s a link to that book: I highly recommend checking it out on your own. Ted Gioia is an excellent jazz historian and writer, and I’ve also enjoyed his other works The History of Jazz ( and How to Listen to Jazz (

Anyway, a few Spotify playlists existed for The Jazz Standards, but I found them to be lacking many versions that Gioia listed in his book. This may be due to the fact that Spotify continuously updates its content (for example, ECM albums only appeared on Spotify in the last few years), but either way, I wanted as complete of a list as possible for my own reference. Additionally, not all versions included in other playlists actually matched the specific recordings Gioia listed. So, the nutcase that I am, I’ve been working hard on tracking down all the actual versions in Gioia’s book. This was a pretty heavy undertaking, but Gioia provides the recording dates for all recommended versions, and certain online resources like helped me narrow down the right ones. I’m fairly confident that 95-99% of the ones in this playlist now correspond to those specified by Gioia. However, I should mention that probably ~20% of recordings in Gioia’s book aren’t on Spotify yet, though they can often be found on YouTube. So again, if you are interested, definitely check out the book! And of course, this goes without saying, but obviously there are hundreds of versions of every standard and you shouldn’t confine yourself to just these, but if you’re looking for a simple reference that has ~10-15 versions in a diversity of styles for standards you are working on, I think you may find this useful.

tl;dr I made a jazz standards playlist, here it is:

Oh, and if you still haven’t seen my History of Jazz playlist, it’s here (and still a work in progress in the latter ~20%!):


The playlist looks fantastic Christian, thanks for sharing!

The book looks interesting too. I have a long flight coming up in April so I will order myself a copy to peruse on the plane.

As I’ve said before, the importance you place on listening is brilliant and it will really enhance your playing later down the line.

I’ve referenced both of your playlists in the “Forum Threads” section of our Beginner Jazz Syllabus -

These playlist are a wonderful resource for any new jazz student. Thanks again for creating and sharing these Christian. :+1: :sunglasses:

Hi Christian,

Many thanks for the wonderful spotify playlist - will keep me listening for hours on end!!!



I’ve tried hard to make playlists for my study list, but never can figure out how to use the app of any app like this. Not good with online computer stuff. Always hours wasted.

Hey Bruce :wave:

I’d highly recommend Spotify. It’s very easy to search through their library of musicians, albums, and songs. You can compile playlists with the click of a button. It’s a very intuitive system to use.

You can also save the playlists of others to your account. For example you could click on Christian’s playlists above and sync them to your account.

Once you have a Spotify account, you can have the app on your computer, laptop, tablet, phone etc… and your music and playlists are automatically synced across all of your devices.

Here’s the Spotify website -

It may take an hour or so to get to grips with the platform, but that would be time well spent in my opinion!

If I can help you get it configured let me know.

Cheers! :sunglasses:

Wow must have been a big work :sweat: thks sharing it Christian ! :sunglasses:

Wow what an effort, and what an interesting looking book. As with Hayden I’ve grabbed a copy. Just skimming through the playlist it’s really interesting to hear the stark difference between the older and newer versions of songs, while reading (thanks amazon “look inside”) the history and blurb.

Thank you!


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Hello Christian,

Thanks for your Spotify playlist. That’s fantastic. I also ordered The Jazz Standards book. Cheers
Yves :grinning: