Vocal Accompaniment Live Seminars 🎀

Hey Everyone :wave:t2:

@Lyndol will be hosting a monthly live seminar on all things vocal accompaniment.

The first vocal-themed seminar is scheduled for this Saturday 21st November at 4pm UTC.

The Fundamentals Of Singing & Playing

Fundamentals Of Singing & Playing
In this live seminar Lyndol discusses the fundamentals of singing and playing jazz standards. Whether you sing and play yourself, or if you want to learn to accompany others, this seminar will cover tips and insights to take you to the next level.

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Hope to see you there!


This is going to be EXCITING!!! Yay :heart_eyes: Thanks very much!


Thank you – so much information! Really glad for these live seminars. Lyndol’s is another one I can re-listen to and practice with over time. Looking forward to future topics.

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