Warmup suggestion


Nahre Sol is a very interesting woman, a good composer.
I put only an extract as she sells her music
she wrote very good exercices based on chopin studies mixted with progressions you use.
of course… all these exercices are to be played really fast… really insane speed…
try to see her on instagram

(Hayden Hill) #22

Brilliant thanks for sharing the link.

Absolutely, sharing the extract like that is perfect Marc. It gives our students a taste of the material and then with the link we can go and find out more and buy the studies if they are of interest.

I just looked at her shop here: https://www.nahresol.com/shop-1/ - the ‘trill study’ looks interesting. That’s an area I’ve been wanting to work on for my solo jazz piano performance.

Going back to the progression:

I did a little search on her website and found this video where she demonstrates this pattern:

Love it!

It provides a great ‘bridge’ between virtuosic right hand melodies, and a staple jazz chord progression (ii-7 to V13).


and a bridge beetwen classical theory and jazz theory :wink:

(Hayden Hill) #24

Yes absolutely!

Today I’m working on the course practice guide lesson for our course on Extended Chords & Voicings.

This left hand sequence is perfect for exercise 3 where the goal is to help the student identify and visualise upper extensions over major, minor, and dominant chords.

Here it is in my rough notes:

The exercise will be similar to the extract above but without the stride.

So the left-hand will play the root, or R-5, and the right-hand plays:

  • ii-7: b3 - b7 - 9

  • V13: b7 - M3 - 13

  • Imaj9: M3 - M7 - 9

Exactly what I was looking for.

The progression also has the extension on top of the right-hand voicing for easy visualisation. It’s perfect.



Exercices de voicings jazz_Les progressions II-V-I et turnaround.pdf (253.6 KB)

(Hayden Hill) #26

Wonderful resource Marc :+1:

There’s some beautiful voicings in there and it’s all laid out very clearly.

I’m sure our other French students will like the solfège … @pierre and @loffredo1630087

I’ve always been intrigued with the french solfège system. Someone tried to explain it to me once, but I need to read into it more to fully understand.

Cheers, and happy new year to you @marc421812 !


French studies in 75-80’ was something awfull ))
a kind of hard BDSM practice… )))))
One of these day’s I’ll explain it

Have a nice 31 :wink:

(Hayden Hill) #28

:smile: I hear that many students are ‘traumatised’ from classical piano study.

Let’s all just enjoy the freedom and creativity of jazz piano!


That was 40 years ago ))) now learning in conservatories is different and probably it is much more interesting nowdays for studients as there is less ideology, less barriers beetween styles…
young concertists are really better than the old ones

(Natasha Moszenin) #30

Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile: