What is your piano model?

(Pierre) #1

My first love for an electric piano three years ago

I look more than a month on forums and internet , magazines…
I remembering having tried during a few days playing around the best renown electric pianos yamaha , roland korg and nord , in some music shop near my home. I tried them on good headphones AKG K240 MKII and on monitors in the shop.

I was amazed by the touch feel of another one, i never heard before the KAWAI MP 11
What a fantastic piano it is is . The only minus was the weight of it . I was really looking for some more transportable piano, and there were no hammond
sound . And i see there was another model , his little brother the MP7
: all in one the sound of hammond the light weight , and the touch was just a less weighted and a bit less sensibile, than the mp11 but the perfect compromise i was looking for .

The touch ,the feel of the piano keys, the piano sound was all three , for me, much better than all electric piano in the shop the yamaha cp4 the roland rd800,korg sv1, nord stage2 . For me the choice was immediately on the Kawai piano , they blow my mind.


Really happy with it .

Last year i finally look and buy another great keyboard the Nord electro 5D at a reasonable price

Wow the sound inside it are awesome piano rhodes wurly and hammond …
and with the touch feel of the MP7 i combine them both often and its just perfect for me. The weight 8 kg and size of this last one is indecent for the sound it gives :joy: for my holidays the piano can now easily enter in the car !

Another gear was monitors and the iLoud https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SDFLl6hI00&t=185s make really the job (even they are really too expensive )

here is my keyboards gear . with an old basic acoustic piano from my grandfather which as a big history during the world war 2… but thats another story :slight_smile:

(Hayden Hill) #2

This is awesome Pierre, a brilliant forum thread idea. I occasionally get questions from students on what keyboards to buy, so now there’s a thread to send these students to.

I must say I haven’t played on the Kawai MP11 but I’m intrigued and next time I’m in a good music store I’ll check it out.

I’m in love with the Roland RDs. There’s something about the touch on them which I love. It’s unusual because it’s nothing like a real piano, but the ‘keybed’ and light hammer action is perfect for me.

I have an RD 700 NX in Manchester… and one thing I can certainly relate to is the weight of it… impossible to carry around! Sounds similar to your Kawai MP11.

I have a much lighter model at PianoGroove’s studio in Seattle… the Roland FP 50 which makes it easy to transport and move around the studio.

I’m going to check out the Kawai MP 11 and report back here :sunglasses:

(Scott Foll) #3

I’m running a Hammond Sk2 and a Casio Privia PX-5S.

As I mentioned in my introduction, I recently returned to an interest in playing keyboards after nearly 40 years. I bought the Hammond Sk2 first. It’s incredible, weighing in at 35 pounds, and it really captures the soul of the Hammond. You can listen here to a comparison with a B3. It’s obviously the red one on top in the video.

It does have some piano settings, and I was using them when I started with PianoGroove. However, the 66 keys sort of limited me, so I looked for a reasonably good full keyboard. I found that in the Casio Privia PX-5S Stage Piano. It’s got some really great reviews. It was $999.00 with a sustain pedal and a carrying bag thrown in. It weighs in at around 24 pounds. I got it for the pianos, but it has endless possibilities with layers, synths, percussion, and a lot fo other stuff I’ll probably never use–unless I want to play Chariots of Fire or something. :sunglasses: In case someone is interested, I’ll give you two links. When I heard the first, I decided that it was piano enough for me.

And here’s another with a brief look at some of the other possibilities.

So there it is. This is an interesting thread. I hope more of you will share.

(Ariel Jupiter) #4

I’m using Roland FP-30 which is my first electric piano and it sounds great, and has quite a lot of features for the price.

Hopefully next year if i’m financially in a good situation I’m thinking of purchasing Moog Subsequent 37 :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

(Hayden Hill) #5

Wow the sound is identical… I know which one I’ll be buying if/when I take up the organ. That will save a few vertebrae in my back :laughing:

Steve - our Boogie Woogie/Blues expert - also plays Hammond, coincidentally I’m meeting him later today for a chat so I see if he has any ideas for organ-related lessons which would be cool.

That’s a great deal Scott, it has a lovely bright and warm sound to it.

Nice job getting the carry bag thrown in too… always comes in handy!

(Hayden Hill) #6

Snap Ariel, I checked and it’s actually the FP30 we have here in our Seattle studio.

Here are a few photos of the studio where the lessons are recorded with our Seattle-based teachers:

I was recording some lessons here yesterday so my lesson plans are still knocking around on the FP30 :grinning: We just set this place up over the summer and it’s a lovely little creative space to work with our teachers when I’m in town.

I agree the FP30 is a really great piano for the price, very lightweight, and a nice sound. I like to have the option of using the built-in speakers, or headphones.

Perhaps I’m a little biased because I love the touch on Rolands, but I always recommend this to students as a nice piano to start with. Exactly as you say… great features for the price!

I didn’t include an image on the RD700NX I use in Manchester, here it is:

This is the keyboard I used to record 90% of my lessons on PianoGroove. I love the feel, the black keys have a nice matte effect which I also like.

The electric piano/rhodes sounds are awesome too… it has a tonne of different sounds and features, which of course makes it a heavy piece of kit to carry around.

I’ve hired an RD800 before too, and I felt that the touch and feel was identical.

The plastic casing on the RD800 is a little bigger which made it slightly more awkward to record PianoGroove lessons and to get the cameras/lighting in the correct position.

Still a great piano though!

(Gary Esman) #7

I have a Kawai MP7SE, and I absolutely love it. The feel and the sound fit me better than any other I tried. My first piano was a Roland FP30. I enjoyed it but was looking for a better unit for external speakers. With the Fp30 you need to use the head phone jack. Thanks and have a great one!

(Hayden Hill) #8

Thanks for sharing Gary.

I’ll have to check out the Kawai MP7SE.

I did ask in the local music store after @Pierrot recommended the same model above, but they did not have one in the showroom… I will continue looking :sunglasses:

It looks like a great piece of kit… I look forward to testing it!

(Pierre) #9

I had to test some less expensive keyboard to choose one for my son . Always love to test pianos in stores :sunglasses:
around 600 euros was our budget :moneybag: ; so we try Yamaha P115 Roland fp30 and privia PX 160
For me the Privia was less responsive and the touch of the keyboard was a bit unnatural but the keys “ivory” was nice under the finger., the sound was not very natural neither .
Between the two others they were closer ,even not at all the same piano sound .
The medium are very in front and the bass more thin on P115 and a bit like hearing the sound of a piano amplified but very still very nice .

The winner was undoubtly for my son and me the Roland FP30 the touch feel was more like ivory (very brilliant plastic on P115 ) and the key feel much more lika a real piano on the Roland (on P115 the first 1/2 cm of the touch is strangly like some foam feel) and the FP30 got some deep “butter” bass very impressive on little onboard speaker .
With the headphones sound were most similar on both with another sound quality on both too, but the choice was more difficult.
The button and choice on the F115 are better though, much more intuitive and a fader or the volume on it, that is a good choice. (button + - on the roland).

But the Roland FP30 was , for me, more sensitive and responsive :heart_eyes:. And over all the relation i have between the sound and the touch feeling was better :sunglasses:.
On the Roland the only big shortage is the output which are only for headphones :rage: ??? very incomprehensive on such a good keyboard and which is now some years on the market . But some players seems to have amplified the heaphones output with good result .

Really nice pianos those 3 !! :yellow_heart: in that price range, so much improvement those years .
My first roland fp8 which have now more than 25 years !! Even some keys mecanism were broken inside (i repair some of them) and some buttons dont answer anymore, but it is still playable .

(Hayden Hill) #10

Awesome breakdown Pierre!

The Roland FP30 is a great electric piano in my opinion. The touch, and the quality of the on-board speakers make it a steal for the price point.

Output wise, it is limited as you highlight, but for PianoGroove lessons it has the USB Type B output which makes it super easy to hook up to Logic and other DAWs for me to record .midi … I found it perfect for a compact, lightweight piano for PianoGroove’s studio in Seattle.

I highly recommend it as the best ‘entry-level’ keyboard for new piano students :sunglasses: