What Record Are You Listening To Today?

(Hayden Hill) #1

What jazz record(s) have you listened to today?

Hit the blue ‘Reply’ button and Copy and Paste the YouTube video URL in the comment box to share with the community.

If you’ve not listened to anything today then have a browse below… listening is an absolutely essential part of learning jazz!

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(Hayden Hill) #2

Earlier today I was listening to this Teddy Wilson recording of Laura… Teddy has a wonderful swinging style and a very light hearted, cheery sound to his solos. The tutorial on Laura will be ready in 2 days or so :relaxed:

(Hayden Hill) #3

I’ve just been listening to a bunch of Bossa Nova records.

This recording of ‘How Insensitive’ has made my morning :smile:

The artist’s use of inner voices is wonderful… it almost sounds like there are 3 hands playing in places. Brilliantly executed!

(David Flynn) #4

Bill Charlap Trio, Written In The Stars.

(Hayden Hill) #5

Great record David… thanks for sharing. I like the rhythmic motives he uses in his solo.

He often states a short rhythmic idea and then repeats the same phrase but at a different pitch. He then develops the idea further… It’s a lot like telling a story!


Kapustin is a fantastic composer

(Hayden Hill) #7

Wow what a virtuosic performance! Thanks for sharing Marc.


Snarky puppy, a great evolutive band



My friend, 15 years ago… an adaptation for fun at the end of a classical concert



(Hayden Hill) #13

Thanks for sharing Marc… Snarky Puppy is a very forward-thinking band with such a modern sound!

I can hear fragments of pentatonic improvisation in the keyboard player’s solo.

Here’s another great performance by them:

I like the vibe between the keyboard player and the brass section

(David Flynn) #14

Marcus Roberts, Alone With Three Giants

(John Foley) #15

I never get tired of listening to this…

(Brian Smith) #16

Video not available?

(Hayden Hill) #17

Thanks for sharing John… great tune! And again welcome to PianoGroove :relaxed:

(Hayden Hill) #18

Hey Brian,

You’re based on the UK if I’m correct…

Sometimes songs aren’t available globally on YouTube, due to licensing/copyright.

It’s loading fine for me but I’m in the USA where the licensing may be different for this tune.

Try clicking on this direct link.

Alternatively, I also found the same song on Spotify… you can sign up for their free web player here - I searched for ‘Laura Jazz Piano’ once signed in.

Spotify is great… there’s lots of great records on there that you can’t find on YouTube.

Hope this helps :relaxed:

(David Flynn) #19

Danilo Perez, Jack D, John P. - Music We Are

(Hayden Hill) #20

Oscar Peterson - Cakewalk

Piano: Oscar Peterson
Bass: Dave Young
Guitar: Joe Pass
Drums: Martin Drew