What Record Are You Listening To Today?

(Hayden Hill) #390

Wow that’s a lot of great musicians on one stage!

Hank Jones’ intro on “Someday My Prince Will Come” is beautiful (10:19 in the video)… I’m a big fan of his solo piano style :star_struck:

(Pierre) #391

yeah i already hear this youtube link lovely interaction and contrast between chick corea and hank jones … i love them both with all their differences :smile:

Introduce Yourself Here! :earth_americas:
(James Lambie) #392

I’ve heard a couple of versions of this beautiful Brazilian fusion tune, but this is the original from 1979. I’m going to transcribe this :face_with_monocle:

(Scott Foll) #393

Lately I’ve been listening to Gerald Clayton. I was impressed when I saw him perform last October with John Scofield. He studied with Kenny Barron at one point. He plays standards but has recently been composing his own material. I’m putting two entries. The first is a well-known standard. The second is an original dedicated to Hank Jones. Enjoy.

(Hayden Hill) #394

Loved his rendition of “Embraceable You” Scott… thanks for sharing.

I like how the dynamics of his performance are constantly shifting. He utilises all the registers of the piano creating many different colours and textures. What a wonderful performance :clap:

I’ll be studying some of his fills and passing chords when i get a second.

(Pierre) #395

seems the John Clayton (famous doublebass player ) son ? … cool

(Anne Stead) #396

Wonderful. It’s a good reminder for me to play with sensitivity, not just to create complicated sounds and notes on a keyboard.

(James Lambie) #397

Welcome Anne! :smiley:

(James Lambie) #398

Some wonderful soul jazz courtesy of the Cannonball Adderley Quintet. Loved this cut for years.

(Pierre) #399

Can t resist sharing this little piece of music … and wow so great jams there in ‘Studio jam’ … have fun

About this song “Little sunflower” … such a great one with only 3 chords going !!! impressive great composition from Freddy Hubbard … i already enjoy around … perfect for my foolish memory :rofl:

(James Lambie) #400

Thanks for the tip about Studio Jams Pierre - talk about a wide range of tunes in there! :open_mouth:

I quite like this version. It’s a rare one from the UK, early 80’s.

(Ariel Jupiter) #401

I love “Little Sun Flower” I’m in the process of playing that pieice from the arrangmenent in the “Jazz Gems” book that I have, worth to check it out it has a lot of great Jazz tunes that are not in the real book.

Anyway, this morning I started with fresh light Latin jazz :slight_smile:


(James Lambie) #403

Love it! Thanks @ariel :parasol_on_ground: :palm_tree:

(Pierre) #404

another master gone last year Randy Weston RIP lovely fusion group
with crackles of our old vinyls


I transformed via my pc and programms the original wich is not a piano version but an orchestra version… I had also small things via my pc keyboard. )))
sorry for this…

(Hayden Hill) #407

Great recording Marc… “The Days Of Wine & Roses” is one of my favourite tunes.

I really like the walking bassline… it gives the performance a lot of energy and forward motion.

This recording is in the same key that we cover the tune in - F Major - and the bluesy material in the improvisation is nice… lots of F Major Blues/D Minor Blues - however you want to look at it.



)))) I totally did with my computor, using what we can find on internet on this orchestral piece, turned to piano, mixted with addeed small things of my own… so… this is not real ))))
but… maybe I’ll turn it into a sheet…
I think… I made that for people who have 12 fingers as I was a little heavy with the chords )))

(Hayden Hill) #409

It’s great Marc.

I’ll be studying the walking bass and applying it to my arrangement of the tune.

I like how the walking bass just starts with half notes, on beats 1 and 3, and then moves to quarter notes for the improvisation at 1:10. It’s a nice way to build up to a climax for the improvised section.

Thanks for sharing!


))) it took me a long time using a computor, especially to turn everything in something piano

promise… one day, I’ll do it on a piano… with real fingers)))

for the walking bass… I took this from the real bass of the orchestra version and turned it to piano… the bass player was not simply doing a bass but an intelligent swing helped by percussion… so, with piano alone, this way works well…
(I tried this on the song sonny when developping, sorry… I’m not intellectual and sometimes I try “small” old songs))))