What Record Are You Listening To Today?

(Pierre) #414

Hello Marc

not sure to understand what you do with it . It was a midi file played by a software ?



I had the opportunity to use at a friend’s home : Cubase a little to isolate voices)

Ableton (a free limited in time version), Linux multimedia studio (in demonstration in a shop ) and sibellus.

I used some piano sounds that I took (not well) in Grand piano… I used also an XKey keyboard from CMR to add my notes to the computer



first : a mp3 of an orchestra version
then multiple midi
then piano sounds
then add some sounds via a keyboard
so… what you listend is totally artificial

but, I’ll try to upgrade it to make a sheet
then to try to play it
… if I can))))


(Scott Foll) #417

I’m not up on the programs listed, but I can say that CME’s Xkey Air Bluetooth Keyboard Controllers are great. I have both the 25 and 37 key versions, and they’re handy while sitting at a computer away from your piano. You can even pair them both at the same time for 62 keys if you’re so inclined. With Bluetooth there’s next to no lag, and they can be wired as well. Here’s a review if you’re interested. (Also, there are a number of videos available showing them in use.)



(Hayden Hill) #419

Stan Getz & The Oscar Peterson Trio - Pennies from Heaven


(James Lambie) #420

Another well-known Bossa Nova tune, going to try to work this one out by ear and transpose to sing along.


(Ariel Jupiter) #421

Heard this album this morning by Flura Plurim and I was blown away


(Scott Foll) #422

She’s one of my favorites, and this is one of my favorite songs as well. Thanks for posting. I hadn’t thought of her for some time. I started listening to her in the early 70s when she was with Chick Corea’s Return to Forever. Here’s another one you might like. Also, you might check out Luciana Souza and Gretchen Parlato. :musical_keyboard:


(Pierre) #423

another such a great voice from Brazil Maria Bethania


(Scott Foll) #424

By chance I came across the album John Coltrane with Johnny Hartman today. I’d never heard of Hartman before. What a voice. At any rate, the album is a classic and well worth a listen, both for solo pianists and accompanists. And McCoy Tyner is amazing here:


(Daniel Sussman) #426

In addition to becoming a big fan of Snarky Puppy in recent months, I’ve grown particularly fond of the individual work of Bill Laurance, one of the collective’s founding members. Love the propulsion behind this piece. Great driving music.


(Pierre) #427

Thanks Daniel
to make me discover this musician

Here first time i see him with Mickael on doublebass !


(Pierre) #428

Welcome in Pianogroove Daniel !

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(Scott Foll) #429

Snarky Puppy is made up of some really talented folks. (Originating out of UNT, University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Check out the theory books by Dan Haerle, retired professor who most certainly was one of their teachers.) Cory Henry plays/played keyboards with them along side of Bill Laurence. At about 4:23, Cory Henry takes off and Laurence just shakes his head and walks off. Pretty funny.


(Scott Foll) #430

I just started listening to Stories from Here and There, an April 5 release on Apple Music. It’s from Tuomo. I haven’t had a chance to listen all the way through yet, but I picked a couple to review. “Be Good or Be Gone” and “Solitude” are excellent. I figure the rest will be too. The only video I could find is a preview. Enjoy!

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(Tuomo) #431

Thanks Scott, I’m glad you like the tracks!

Stay tuned for more!

all the best,



(Anne Stead) #432

Wow. Snarky Puppy takes you to a different planet.

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(Guillaume Fauconnier) #433

Hey guys,

I personally started listening massively to Bill Evans’s Autumn Leaves Trio in the purpose of transcribing it afterward…some work to do…

And also this one;

Just finished the lesson on Misty (extended voicings) and really loving this sax sound.

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(Anne Stead) #434

Welcome Guillaume!

Love the Bill Evans Autumn Leaves. I have a jazz book called late night jazz arranged by Brent Edstrom. He has a great arrangement of autumn leaves. Although it is not a transcription of the Bill Evans arrangement it is inspired by it. It’s a great starting block to get you going.

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(Ariel Jupiter) #435

Great 70’s jazz record by the great McCoy Tyner :slight_smile:

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