What Record Are You Listening To Today?

(James Lambie) #223

Transcribing this today, on the funk tip. The rhythm and syncopation is awesome. And scope I think to practice the dominant upper structures once I chart this on iReal Pro for accompaniment:

(Hayden Hill) #224

Nice record James… have fun applying upper structures over this!

(Hayden Hill) #225

Here’s a swingin’ number from the great Red Garland:

Red Garland Trio - But Not For Me

Listen to how syncopated and groovy his feel is at 2:15. despite him only playing a single note.

Red is one cool cat! :sunglasses:

(Hayden Hill) #226

The whole album “Red Garland’s Piano” is awesome:

Piano: Red Garland
Bass: Paul Chambers
Drums: Art Taylor

Album Page On Spotify:

Album Page On YouTube:


(Ana) #227

(Ana) #228

(Hayden Hill) #229

Wow, what an awesome performance Ana!

It’s got me tapping my foot to the beat :grinning:

Fantastic camera work too… it really captures the energy of the big band.

(Ana) #230

I saw Him last year in Rio de Janeiro.Jacob Collier is a genius.So young .What about negativ harmony.? Very intereting sound

(James Lambie) #231

I’ve been spending most of the last couple of weeks practicing my ear training and transcribing favourite tunes -mainly so I can create iRealPro charts and jam along! So far so good. I guess my end goal with this is to work the elements that really float my boat into my own compositions. Anyhow, today’s effort is with this little beauty. Such a cool song with plenty to keep my developing jazz sensibilities happy (though the walking bassline is a bit of challenge when trying to pin down the harmony…!)

(Harriet) #232

(Hayden Hill) #233

Wow great performance Harriet… thanks for sharing.

Notice that he is using a backing track. It’s important to have bass and drums to achieve this kind of style.

One of the things i love about iRealPro - https://irealpro.com/ - is that you can find the backing track for virtually any song.

I searched for this tune the iRealPro Forums, and here it is: https://www.irealb.com/forums/showthread.php?8415-Isn-t-she-lovely-Stevie-Wonder

Simply click the link here:


and it will open up in your iRealPro App…


You can then change the key, the tempo, the style etc…

An invaluable resource when trying to play in this kind of style!

Enjoy :sunglasses:

(Harriet) #234

Thanks Hayden.
Am just a beginner, but hope to get good enough to use backing tracks in time to come. Just think that young guy Yohan Kim is very talented.
Appreciate the link.
Rgds, Harriet

(Hayden Hill) #235

My pleasure Harriet.

I’d recommend you check out our Blues Courses which are focused on beginners. In both of these courses we use the backing tracks for the blues progression.

These are nice courses to familiarise yourself with backing tracks because the blues form is just 12 bars long. Experiment with these lessons and let me know how you get on :sunglasses:

The 12 Bar Blues Progression:


The Minor Blues Progression:


Also check out the course on Rootless Voicings Harriet:


This is a big area of study, it takes time to learn and master the voicings and this is the type of chord voicings you will use if you are playing with a backing track which simulates the bassist and drummer.

Yes what a wonderful talent!

(James Lambie) #236

I realise it’s not a jazz tune, but I’ve been listening to this one and trying it out on iReal Pro. So, the noteworthy things for here is first off that it gives plenty opportunity to practice chord shortcuts and upper structures, but also secondly the minor line cliche in the chorus, which I didn’t know was a minor line cliche until I’d seen the lesson on here! :grin: Also it’s a lovely tune - when I was having vocal coaching last year this was one I practiced… You can really tell the jazz and blues influences in Stevie’s work - and this is a superb album: been a favourite for years!

(Hayden Hill) #237

Nice record James. Love the groove.

Yes the minor line cliche sounds great and can be applied to virtually any minor chord.

I tend to use it when I’m sitting on 1 minor chord for a bar or more, just to add a little interest to the static harmony.


(James Lambie) #238

I’m listening to this slice of jazzy groove today - transcribing it because I love the chord progressions in each section and the slightly spacey vibe. I like how it sounds as if the chord progression comes first and then the improvisation is placed over - in time I’ll try to understand what scales are being used. Would be amazing to make music like this, but for now I’m happy to try to understand how and why it ticks! :sunglasses: :smiley:

(James Lambie) #239

Rediscovered this in iReal Pro and looking forward to having a jam on this. There are some great cover versions of this too:

(Hayden Hill) #240

Great record James.

He plays some interesting voicings in the accompanying piano 2:35 - 4:10

I can hear lots of 4th based voicings. The So What Chord would be a good place to start: https://www.pianogroove.com/jazz-piano-lessons/so-what-chord-voicing/

I just finished editing a quartal voicing lesson from my latest course on accompaniment, here’s a preview of what’s in store:


I haven’t tried these 251 voicing sets with a Rhodes piano yet, but I bet they would sound great… give them a whirl with some of your funk compositions :sunglasses:

The tune you shared - Butterfly - has a tonne of minor chords and so you could get some really cool sounds with the minor chords covered in the above tutorial, built with a stack of 4ths off the root, the 4th, or the 5th. And then a minor triad in the right built from the b3 of the chord. I will make a cheat sheet/formula chart when the lesson is published.

Also try some of these pentatonic voicings out over this tune:



(James Lambie) #241

:open_mouth: Wow! Awesome, thanks Hayden! Going to look at that - I got sidetracked yesterday trying a jazz-flavoured reharmonisation of this tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4yJp4CLRL4. I over-complicated it though! :roll_eyes:

(Lori Nelson) #242

love this quartal voicing lesson !!!