What Record Are You Listening To Today?

(Hayden Hill) #243

Thanks Lori… that’s lesson 4 in the course.

Lesson 3 gives some simpler 4-note comping voicings which often provide ample support when comping. Those quartal voicings do sound awesome though! :grinning: I like to mix and match simpler 4-note structures, and the 6-note quartal sets.

I’m aiming to have the lessons 1-5 published tomorrow. Cheers!

(Hayden Hill) #244

If I Were A Bell - The Miles Davis Quintet

Great Miles recording with Red Garland on piano.

(James Lambie) #245


(James Lambie) #246

Is it reckoned to be a standard? Always liked this and dig this (slightly raucous) version:

(Hayden Hill) #247

Yes definitely a standard! I’ve heard this tune called fairly frequently at jam nights.

Love the piano solo in this version too.

(Hayden Hill) #248

I’ve been working through all of Miles’ albums that feature Wynton Kelly on piano.

Here’s a fantastic record to listen and transcribe from… “Pfrancing” which is a Blues in F:

so much great material to listen to and absorb… not just from the piano but also the horn players can teach you so much about phrasing.

A really nice record.

Full album here:

(Hayden Hill) #251

Tommy Flanagan - In A Sentimental Mood

A beautiful performance by The Tommy Flanagan Trio

(Hayden Hill) #252

Another great recording of Sentimental Mood…

Check out the tutorials on PianoGroove:

Part 1: https://www.pianogroove.com/jazz-piano-lessons/sentimental-mood-tutorial/

Part 2: https://www.pianogroove.com/jazz-piano-lessons/sentimental-mood-tutorial-part-2/

(James Lambie) #253

Quite a few versions of this Chick Corea tune (including the fairly psychedelic original from him and Return to Forever) but this one is awesome:

(Hayden Hill) #254

We will be covering this tune… it’s been requested in the upcoming standards thread.

Tuomo suggested covering it, but for his upcoming 5 standard lessons, he choose tunes higher up the vote table… we will get around to this tune shortly though.

(Hayden Hill) #255

(James Lambie) #256

Awesome - look forward to it! :smiley:

(James Lambie) #257

I had to double check this was actually written by Stevie Wonder, and wasn’t a lesser-known standard. Apart from being a gorgeous little song, there is so much to try out in here: both minor and major 251’s (and even a couple of minor 251 resolving to major - Tierce de Picardie-style), minor line cliche, altered dominants…

(Hayden Hill) #258

Yep you will see and hear that a lot James.

It’s awesome that you are picking up on all of these harmonic movements.

On another note…
I will keep you in the loop with the Funk teacher appointment. Eric expressed his interest as you saw in the other thread, and I want to get you guys involved once I have the arrangement finalised.

(James Lambie) #259

Great Hayden, thanks -looking forward to it! :smiley: :+1:

(Hayden Hill) #260

Wynton Kelly - Autumn Leaves

Wynton’s take on this jazz classic.

I’m currently studying his comping under the bass solo at 3:50 - great stuff!

(Hayden Hill) #261

Tommy Flanagan - In A Sentimental Mood

Love this tune… beautifully played by the maestro.

Enjoy! And check out our lesson on this tune if you’re feeling inspired. That reminds me I still need to transcribe the arrangement for this tune.


(when Hiromi just have some fun)

(Yves Poli) #263

The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album is a 1975 studio album by singer Tony Bennett, accompanied by Bill Evans. :smile:

(Hayden Hill) #264

Wow… brilliant performance Marc.

I love the interplay between the bass and the piano.