What Record Are You Listening To Today?

(James Lambie) #317

Great advice! Thanks Hayden - I remember doing this when first starting out making my own music, to hone in on my influences…but I’ve not done it for a long time: thanks for the reminder! :smiley:

(Pierre) #318

I love this channel of Nelson Faria a great musician here with another lovely piano player i never hear before

this Jeff Gardner composition is so lovely …Mistica


(Hayden Hill) #319

@anon - was this the Bill Evans album we were listening to in the background the other week?

Such lyrical lines and melodies from the maestro :star_struck:

(James Lambie) #320

I rediscovered this fantastic playlist today. It reminded me of some truly amazing nights watching (and joining in with!) some jazz dancers cut loose to all kinds of jazz - trad, post-bop, fusion, jazz-funk. It’s great to think that this as a culture is still alive and well in the UK: and beyond. And these are some superb tracks - hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


Just looked through my play history as we were sifting through a whole load of Bill Evans treats that night before I took it on an origins of blues guitarist tangent, haha.


Think the one that I was loving the dance with the bassist was this one though -

(Scott Foll) #323

Dan, those are some fine picks!

Just came across this version of “I Fall in Love Too Easily” by Brad Mehldau. I like it better than his version with the Rossy Trio. To me it’s haunting, with that Evansesque crystal clarity.


Some beauties in there @james505545 real nice grooves :grinning:


Wow haven’t come across this @scott1 thanks, going to have a good listen now. I will listen with an open mind because it’s hard for me to top Bills expression and where he takes me :slight_smile:

(James Lambie) #326

Glad you like them Dan! I’m in completely the wrong part of the UK to check these guys out now with their awesome dancing, but great to experience :smiley:

(Hayden Hill) #327

This looks awesome James… I’ll read over the whole artice when I get a sec. I have a huge interest in the history and evolution of western music and so this is right up my street.

From skimming through the text I I see Manchester appears there a lot too. I’m familiar with the Haçienda era (although I was too young to see any of the shows :grin:) which shaped house music, and it will be interesting to read about this movement a decade earlier.

Looking forward to reading/listening the entire article!

(Hayden Hill) #328

Yep that’s the one :+1::+1:

I knew it was one of the live concerts in Europe… but couldn’t remember which one.

I’ve added it to my playlist.

(Hayden Hill) #329

Lovely record Scott, I agree there is a some similarities between to 2 players. Clean and clear expression. Brad is a brilliant player that I must listen to more.

I first came across Brad with this duo recording with the great maestro Kenny Barron:

Great tune and performance from those 2 giants!

(Hayden Hill) #330

haha yes we did go on a Bill Evans binge that night! :grin:

(James Lambie) #331

This book is a fascinating read: I need to dig it out again! It shows how a taste for jazz of different types pushed the club scene boundaries in more creative and - dare I say - mature directions! There are detailed stories about the development of the jazz dance genre in the whole of the UK. Time for a revival, I say!

(Lori Nelson) #332

Wow what a find! Thanks for sharing. I love Chet version of this song. Fall in love too easily. Trying to explore it more

(Hayden Hill) #333

Brilliant… I’ll be checking that out. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that it was Acid Jazz which first piqued my interest in the jazz genre.

I just decided I had to go back and study what came before. Turns out there was a lot more than I thought :grin:

Thanks for the book link Jamie! :+1:

(Hayden Hill) #334

I thought you’d like that version Lori… I know you’re a fan of that tune and I was going to tag you in.

It looks like you and @scott1 have a similar taste in standards… both Pacific North Westerners too!

(James Lambie) #335

Thanks for this link Ariel! Am going to check this out. I like some of his jazzy covers, of which this album has some, including a supremely funky jazz cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’:

(James Lambie) #336

I would gladly lend you my copy Hayden!

As a self-confessed lists obsessive, a particularly fine feature of this book is the number of lists at the back. They demonstrate perfectly the sheer diversity of jazz that was being played in the clubs at that point.

Happy to say this subculture is still alive and well. A couple of years ago I went to a weekender in France run by https://www.jazzcotech.com/ and it was amazing. I had seen these guys perform a few times before but again the range being played - hard bop, Brazilian, Latin jazz, hard funk, jazz-funk, soul jazz, fusion (aka rock jazz) - was outstanding.