What Record Are You Listening To Today?

(James Lambie) #305

(Hayden Hill) #306

Red Garland Trio - C Jam Blues

I had an hour drive earlier and indulged in some Red Garland Trio recordings, this was my favourite of what I heard:

Brilliant syncopation in his lines and great use of repeated single notes.

For me his playing is instantly recognisable within hearing a few notes of the recording. Wonderfully delicate lines with the strong sense of swing that is so synonymous with his style of improvisation.

I also love Red’s left hand comping under his solos… lot’s of Charleston Rhythm … so light but so right.

Then of course his infamous “Red Garland Voicing” - I love that sound so much… such a ‘cheery’ and happy chord voicing:


(Hayden Hill) #307

Love the solo on this James… it would be great to study his left hand comping patterns under his solo… awesome recording :sunglasses:

(Michael J Albanese) #308

i had the opportunity to see Tyler Eigst live in a very small (100 person) theater. Amazing talent, a lot of high energy original music, but he could crank a gew jazz standards… go see him if you can


(Lisa Cogan) #309

I think this a gorgeous version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

(Hayden Hill) #310

Yes what a lovely performance Lisa!

Notice that he uses some material from the Bridge for his intro… that’s a nice way to introduce the tune which I also like to use.

It’s also nice how he changes to a swing feel at 2:12 which is a great way to add some energy to ballad performances.