What Record Are You Listening To Today?

(Ariel Jupiter) #345

Any Ramsey Lewis fans here?
Listened to this today great record. I would recommend also listening to Young-Holt Unlimited which Ramsey Lewis also plays there the piano.

(Ariel Jupiter) #346

Hi Hayden,

Looking forward to hear more about whats planned for Funk music :slight_smile:
Are there any plans for a few maybe R&B, New Soul tutorials ? :slight_smile:

(James Lambie) #347

Me! I am a fan, though probably more of his jazz funk stuff. The ‘Sun Goddess’ and ‘Salongo’ albums are my favourites. Thanks for sharing this: will check it out :grinning:

(James Lambie) #348

Awesome @ariel! Anything in particular you have in mind you would like to see covered in funk? I also like a bit of neo soul (mainly the likes of Maxwell, Jill Scott & Erykah Badu). There are so many cross-overs in the styles :sunglasses:

(Ariel Jupiter) #349

Hi @james505545,

It’s hard for me to think of something specific, maybe Lonnie Liston Smith he mixes Jazz with Funk a lot and I very much like his style from the 70’s with the Fender Rhodes :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Yea I also like Erykah Badu (saw her in London a year ago), Maxwell and Jill Scott.
Lately I been listening to some new New Soul Groups from the UK which are very groovy:

(James Lambie) #350

Thanks @ariel! I don’t know these, will check them out after work later. I love the Rhodes too - sadly can’t afford one, but I do use a very good virtual Rhodes software plug in through my MIDI keyboard (Lounge Lizard, best of the few I have tried).

Interestingly, I was discussing LLS with @Hayden the other day! I have never seen him live, though I do know he has been playing in the UK till fairly recently I think.

(Ariel Jupiter) #351

Yes. I have seen Lonnie Liston Smith live in a place called “HideAway” a few years back in South London somewhere (don’t remember exactly where I’m not from London).

BTW - I came across a video in YouTube a guy made a nice rendition for a Lonnie Liston Smith song called “Garden Of Peace” and he posted the lead sheet for it. It’s very nice and easy to play even to a newbie player such as me :slight_smile:
Here it is:

He also was kind enough to share the lead sheet in the video details in the link above on his Google Drive :slight_smile:

(Pierre) #352

+1 for waiting funk jazz lesson

(James Lambie) #353

Thanks for this Ariel! In the next few months I will do a LLS transcription or two by ear. So thanks for the inspiration :grinning:

‘A Chance For Peace’ is quite simple in its chords and structure giving plenty of space for some improvisation. So I think I will start with that.

(Hayden Hill) #354

Yes more to be announced on this soon Ariel.

@james505545 and myself have been discussing it and I will loop you into our conversations and developments from now on.

Any other funk enthusiasts here in the forum?.. let me know and we can share our insights and ideas to create something awesome.

Short answer is yes.

I think we should create a separate website for this. I can build websites in a matter of hours so no problems there :grinning:

The whole neo-soul, R&B-esque style of playing is such a unique and awesome sound, and my feeling is that whilst there are similarities in the underlying theory, it is its own beast which I think warrants it’s own platform.

Again I’ll loop you in on any developments here Ariel :+1:

(Ariel Jupiter) #355

Thanks @Hayden I will stay tuned for more announcements on this :slight_smile:

So today I pulled a record from the shelf which I have not listened for a long time by the master Duke Ellington, very recommended.

(Lisa Cogan) #356

I really like this jazz piano cover version of Just The Two of Us by Grover Washington Jr. performed by Yohan Kim.



(Hayden Hill) #358

Awesome vibe @lisa - it would be nice to add some similar funky arrangements onto PianoGroove with Rhodes piano and this kind of ‘stabby’ syncopated sound. Love it and thanks for sharing :+1:

(Pierre) #359

Ed Motta lovely fusion (jazz funk blues latin … even some steely dan style) and such a funny guy and hedonist , speaking about his love of food and wine between all songs during a whole gig …lovely moment it was … like sharing a moment in his living room …very unique concert

(Scott Foll) #360

Another beauty by Brad Mehldau, his take on Bachrach’s “Alfie.”

(Lori Nelson) #361

Wow, thanks for sharing. Pierre I’m exploring this artist for sure!!
I noticed that Donald Fagen groove also. He is unique! will be buying some of his albums in the near future.

(Hayden Hill) #362

I came across his “Red’s Blues” album yesterday:

I find Red Garland’s soft touch and block chording such a wonderful style of playing.

Some of the records are his trio, one with his quintet, and others with horn instruments too.

Timing, swing, comping, and groove are my 4 focus elements for 2019… so lots to study and learn from.

I’m going to use Red’s recordings as one of the main avenues to achieve this. He has such a solid groove, swingin’ vibe and tasteful comping - up there with my favourite musicians of all time :star_struck:

(Hayden Hill) #363

Groovy!!.. fun to listening and watch… the gig much have been amazing.

what a bunch of cool cats! :sunglasses:

(Scott Foll) #364

I thought some might find this of interest.