What Record Are You Listening To Today?


here some strange jazz improvisations, typical what I’m not fond of, but I think there’s a lot of good ideas or technical abilities.


justa child game :wink:


good luck for this exercice ))))

(Hayden Hill) #84

His talent is amazing!

(Hayden Hill) #85

Miles Davis - Stella By Starlight

A classic 1964 Jazz recording from Avery Fisher Hall in NYC.

Miles Davis, trumpet
George Coleman, tenor
Herbie Hancock, piano
Ron Carter, bass
Tony Williams, drums

(Hayden Hill) #86

A wonderful jazz radio station from San Francisco.


You will hear a wide variety of modern players and improvisation on this channel - always very authentic.

I hope everyone is listening to more jazz, keep listening and sharing guys!

Listening is one of the most important skills you can develop.

(Michael Sclafani ) #87

I love it. I’m working on this song. It’s really challenging

(Hayden Hill) #88

Great… enjoy working on this one Micheal.

I think Stella deserves it’s own thread :smile: there’s so many recordings that are worthy of study!

(Martin) #89

Been trying to ID the two chords running through this one - tricky.

(Hayden Hill) #90

Really nice groove here Martin… thanks for sharing, I’ve not heard of these guys before and love their style… particularly the drummer!!

Over the first chord, the melody note is a Db, i usually work out the melody first as it helps rule out some chords.

Then I’m hearing a Gb at the bottom, the chord sounds bright, so maybe a Gb Major chord…

GbMaj9: Gb, Bb, Db, F, Ab, (Db) melody

Also adding an additional 9 at the bottom,

Gb, Ab, Bb, Db, F, Ab, (Db) melody

For the 2nd chord I’m thinking some kind of Gb7#5 chord… I hear D natural in the melody, but an octave down from the melody note of the 1st chord.

Again it’s a dense voicing with lots of reverb so a little tricky to work out.

Anyone else have any ideas? :slight_smile:

(Hayden Hill) #91

A great bluesy number from Gene Harris



(Hayden Hill) #94


I’ve always been amazed by the accuracy of Oscar’s 2 handed runs!


His small written studies for young pianists are really nice too, written with intelligence and talent as a teacher

(Mark Turner) #96

A nice, although pretty advanced, reharm tutorial from Lot2learn on the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby…

(Hayden Hill) #97

Yes it’s a great resource Marc!

I’ve just uploaded a lesson on Swing Feel check it our here: https://www.pianogroove.com/jazz-piano-lessons/play-swing-rhythm/

It could be nice to ply through the exercises in his book with a swing feel… it would work well on any of the exercises with 8th notes in the right hand - which many of them do.

We all have a lot of practice to swing like Oscar but hopefully one day :smile:


(Hayden Hill) #98

Some really nice stuff in there Marc… I’ve always enjoyed Lot2Learn’s performance videos… he’s a very talented musician!

Some interesting quartal applications in there with his 4th voicings.

(Mark Turner) #99

7notemode playing an absolutely beautiful arrangement of “I Loves You Porgy”. I wonder what happened to this guy. He hasn’t posted anything on his YouTube channel or his website in a number of years. It’s a shame because he is/was such an enormous talent. This is another one I could just listen to all night.

(Hayden Hill) #100

Great performance of a lovely tune!

It has a similar tone to the Bill Evans solo piano recording.

I also like his trio version - particularly the improvisation starting at 1:20s.

This would be a great tune to cover.

Yes I would also love to hear more from 7notemode … he is certainly one of my favourite jazz piano talents on YouTube. Let’s hope he continues to post in the future Mark!