Wynton Kelly - Transcription Exercises

In this thread we explore the style of Wynton Kelly.

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Wynton Kelly Biography:

Download full biography: Wynton Kelly Biography.pdf|attachment (17.4 KB)

Wynton Kelly, one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time, is known for his swinging, rhythmic and bluesy, but the same time melodic soloing, individual block chord-style as well as groovy and highly supportive work as an accompanist.

His trio with Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb was one of the most important piano trios of the 60s’, and was used by numerous band leaders, from Miles Davis and John Coltrane to Joe Henderson and Wes Montgomery, just to name few.

Important Discography To Start With:

Download full suggested discography:Wynton Kelly - Suggested Discography.pdf|attachment (16.9 KB)

  • Kelly Blue - Trio and sextet w/ Paul Chambers (b), Jimmy Cobb (dr), Nat Adderley (cornet), Bobby Jaspar (fl) & Benny Golson (sax) 1959
    Spotify Album Link Here

What Do These Exercises Cover?

  • Exercises on this thread are built to give the students a deeper view on Wynton Kellys style, soloing, comping as well as an overall look into the tradition of jazz through his artistry.

  • Exercises are transcription-based, following with a closer look into certain details of his playing. This way we can combine ear-training with learning the language of jazz, as well as analyzing closely what is happening.


Transcription Exercise No. 1

Freddie Freeloader - (Album: Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue)

This transcription exercise covers the first 2 choruses of Wynton Kellys solo with left hand comping, starting at approx. 0m45s.

Click here for the start of the solo, and find the full recording below on YouTube and Spotify:

The Assignment:

Transcribe the missing parts of the following transcription:

Freddie Freeloader Transcription Exercise.pdf|attachment (30.9 KB)

  • Right hand : transcribe the missing bars
  • As the whole left hand is transcribed, learn to play it (without right hand) with the recording

The full transcription will be posted in 2 weeks with an analysis of the solo as well as details about what we can learn from the solo/comping.

If you have any questions with the exercise, post them in this thread.

Have fun!


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This looks great Tuomo - thanks for creating this assignment.

For all students working on this transcription exercise, definitely check out the tutorial below where we explore the style and nuances of Wynton Kelly’s playing over an F Blues:

I’ve also added a reference to this thread on that lesson page.


Full Transcription & Selected Analysis No. 1

Freddie Freeloader - (Album: Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue)

Click here for the start of the solo

Here is the full transcription of the first 2 choruses of the piano solo:

Freddie Freeloader.pdf (34.5 KB)

And here a selected analysis:

Freddie Analysis.pdf (193.5 KB)

If you have questions, comments or ideas, please write them to the thread,



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