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Beginner Jazz Courses: Roadmap & Syllabus (13)

Here is the recommended sequence to progress through PianoGroove’s Beginner Lessons. Once you have worked through the beginner material you can check out the contents of our more advanced learning syllabuses: Intermed…

How To Learn Upper Structures (12)
Two Handed Comping (2)
Major Block Chords - In A Sentimental Mood (8)
Diminished Scale Theory ( 2 ) (28)
Beginner Question For 251 Progression - Major & Minor II V I (8)
Re: Kenny Barron 11th voicings: (3)
Warmup suggestion ( 2 ) (30)
Standard Changes (6)
Advanced Jazz Courses - Roadmap & Syllabus (1)
How do modes relate to a chord progression line in jazz improvisation (4)
Where Do Maj7 / Min7b5 / Dim7 Chord Tensions Come From? (5)
Brand new and looking for advice (8)
Coltrane Changes & The Major 3rd Tonic Relationship (1)
How To Learn Jazz Standards? How To Build A Repertoire? (6)
Jazz Chords, Octaves, and small hands - advice and tips (6)
How writing arrangement voicings... for remembering (8)
Difficulties with the Cm11 Herbie Hancock voicing (7)
What Is An Augmented Chord? How To Use In Jazz Piano? (2)
Jazz improvisation (5)
The Natural 6/13th Over Minor Chords? (2)
So What Chords - Everything You Need To Know! (1)
Altered Chord Voicing Question (2)
Intermediate Jazz Courses Roadmap (3)
Sus Chord Theory - Suspended Chords (2)
Accompanying Singers (8)
Minor 251 Practice Guidance (1)
Mastering “perfect background piano" (5)
Understanding Rootless Voicings (8)
Naming Jazz Chord Extensions (3)