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Experience PianoGroove's unique 3-part video layout:

High-Definition Video Footage

Perfect your technique with our high-definition video footage. PianoGroove’s overhead camera view reveals all providing unique insights through the eyes of a jazz pianist.

Stream HD footage on any device: mobile, tablet or laptop – learning jazz piano online has never been this easy!


Synchronized Light-Up Keyboard

Never miss a note again with the synchronized, light-up midi keyboard. Individual note names are displayed above the keys giving you instant clarity into dense voicings and fast-fingered licks and runs.

Simply pause the video to visualise complex chords with ease.

In-Video Notation & Score

Improve your knowledge of common symbols and progressions with PianoGroove’s in-video score. All topics and lesson materials are related to real notation and standards – right within the video.

Develop a practical understanding of the theory so when you next see that chord symbol on a lead sheet… you’ll know exactly what to play!

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