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Hi Joan,

Wonderful to meet you! And so excited you are embarking on this journey and enjoying the lessons so far. It’s really such freedom to play exactly what you’d like to sing along to! Please don’t hesitate to be in touch thru this process, questions and feedback are welcomed. Your determination will really get the momentum moving, and then it will just be a matter of time before it’s easy and natural and super fun! Cheers - Lyndol

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Thank you, Lyndol. I’m very happy to be with Piano Groove, and hoping I’ll soon be able to accompany myself in a very simple way, for my own pleasure. I’m just a tad overwhelmed at the moment, so a step at a time. I used to sing in a small band as a young woman, another lifetime, and as I told Hayden that at 83, it’s a joy to be singing again, age having little to do with it. Perhaps there is even more passion at this stage in my life. Have you heard of Jazz singer Elaine Small, also 83, who is singing again professionally after 50 years. What an inspiration. I’ve been playing all your songs and am so impressed with your beautiful voice, along with your considerable skills. I’m excited to be learning from you. Interview with Elaine Small.

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Absolutely, Hayden. Great idea.

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Thanks Joan.

The initial inspiration for this course came from our students… we’re always welcome to our students’ suggestions and ideas.

And thanks for sharing the link above… interesting story and a great inspiration to us all!

Enjoy the lessons :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Joan, I just watched the video of Elaine Small - how very cool. The way she talks about the joy of music, I can so relate. And her smile! You and her both are an inspiration to me. I believe more years lived would mean more passion, more wisdom and this would come thru in every note of your music for sure. A treasure for us all. It’s been a busy of year with holiday gigs and travel, but you’ve been on my mind. I hope things are going well for you? If anything gets TOO overwhelming, please get in touch here on PG. I can help you to know what to focus on, and how to break things down into manageable pieces. That’s the secret, keep your practicing challenging yet FUN, with infinite patience and kind words for yourself. Adding this sunshine will make your progress grow exponentially. The more we can enjoy the process, the more we’ll all be more in tune with the real reason for music. Happy Praciting and happy holidays

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Nice words about practicing Lyndon !

And I just discovered that Joan is a best selling author … Awesome to read that :sunglasses:

Id like to hear how the darkness of her books could be expressed on piano and her singing . Hope hearing that soon …

Best regards Mesdames

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Here’s a couple more Christmas sing-a-long tutorials by Lyndol:

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” Sing-A-Long:

This lesson complements the solo piano arrangement of this tune with a simplified vocal sing-a-long arrangement. Lyndol also shows how we can experiment with different keys when finding the best range for our voice:

“Jingle Bells” Sing-A-Long:

In this lesson, Lyndol shows how we can simplify the changes found in the RealBooks to identify the most crucial components of the harmony in a jazz standard or RealBook tune.

If we are playing any festive numbers at a Christmas party, then the information presented in this lesson will help us play through unfamiliar songs quickly and easily:

We hope these sing-a-long tutorials bring festive music to everyones homes over the holidays, and wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas from all the teachers at PianoGroove.

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