Devices and software for posting our videos

(Pierre) #1

For recording myself Marc ask me what i what i was using

Because my keyboard is just beside my computer , i decided to choose a little webcam and a external soundcard

And the magic comes with the software OBS a freeware that can record all what comes in your pc computer. Heres the link .

After i record them on youtube and after that i post the link on the forum

But our nowadays smartphone can do a great job . I just choose this setup so the noise of the house cant comes in the recording ,because the recording quality , the easy use when the setup is done.

Hope it helps.

ps if you have specific question ask me, if i can help.

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(Hayden Hill) #2

Awesome thanks for sharing this Pierre - very useful.

I agree most phones are capable of good audio/visual quality these days, but they can also be fiddly to get in the right position.

(Dan Renton) #3

Hi guys and thanks @Pierrot for sharing your workflow for recording. For anyone that doesn’t know, I head the video production here at PianoGroove and my previous experience has led me to use all sorts of different hardware/software for different video requirements.

With regards to this collaboration a half decent cell phone recording will be fine to capture whatever your working on at the moment. I’ve been on video shoots in the past where we’ve had equipment worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and ended up using a little bit of iPhone footage in the end cut due to it being the only thing accessible at the time, haha.

If anybody wants to invest in something better than a phone, message me and I’ll be happy to forward you some different options of what I think would be a suitable for both the video and audio recordings.

One thing I would recommend if you were to shoot on your phone is getting some sort of tripod or gorillapod for it so that you can get a good angle whatever space you are in. Something like this…

(Hayden Hill) #4

Great idea with the Gorillapod Dan… low cost, easy to find online/in-store, and most importantly, very effective for the task at hand.


(Pierre) #5

thanks sharing @dan_renton and the remote control is a nice idea … our arms never enough long in those cases :slight_smile: