Hank Jones - Transcription Exercises

In this thread we explore the style of Hank Jones.

Hank Jones Biography:

Download full biography: Hank Jones Biography.pdf (18.2 KB)

“When you listen to a pianist, each note should have an identity, each note should have a soul of its own.” -Hank Jones

Hank Jones, the oldest of the ‘Jones Brothers’ is considered one of the greatest accompanists in jazz. His high level in sight reading, flexibility and sophisticated style kept him working with numerous groups ranging from swing to bebop; he worked with vocalists to big bands, and appears on hundreds of albums as a leader as well as a sideman.

Important Discography To Start With:

Download full suggested discography: Hank Jones - Suggested Discography.pdf (17.4 KB)

What Do These Exercises Cover?

  • Exercises on this thread are built to give the students a deeper view on Hank Jones’ style, soloing, comping as well as an overall look into the tradition of jazz through his artistry.
  • Exercises are transcription-based, following with a closer look into certain details of his playing. This way we can combine ear-training with learning the language of jazz, as well as analyzing closely what is happening.
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Transcription Exercise No. 1

Confirmation - Album: Bop Redux

This transcription exercise covers the first chorus of Hank Jones’ piano solo on ‘Confirmation’, starting at 0:48s.

Click here for the start of the solo

The Assignment:

Transcribe the missing parts of the following transcription:

Confirmation Transcription Exercise.pdf (36.4 KB)

Confirmation Transcription Exercise.mscz (24.4 KB)

  • Right hand : transcribe the missing bars

The full transcription will be posted in 2 weeks with supporting material and an analysis of the solo as well as details about what we can learn from the solo, and how to practice with it.

If you have any questions with the exercise, post them in this thread.

Have fun!


Full Transcription & Selected Analysis No. 1

Confirmation - Album: Bop Redux

Click here for the start of the solo

Here is the full transcription of the piano solo:

Confirmation Transcription.pdf (44.9 KB)

Confirmation Transcription.mscz (28.3 KB)

And here a selected analysis:

Confirmation Analysis.pdf (137.7 KB)

If you have questions, comments or ideas, please write them to the thread,