The Amazing Slow Downer - Transcription App

I am using ASD (Amazing slow downer). I connect it with my spotify account, you can slow the song down, change the pitch - very easy to use. Easier than anytune.

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Hi Markus :wave:

Welcome to the community!

I’ve heard of “The Amazing Slow Downer” before but never tried it myself.

I’m checking out their iPhone/iPad App now:

The Spotify integration looks like a brilliant feature.

I’ve always been a Spotify user and having the ability to hook my playlists directly to transcription software is awesome… thanks for sharing this info :+1:

Thanks. For heads up. I will eventually try it … I will be interested to use with Spotify as well

I will be posting more information on this app tomorrow.

As a Spotify user, it’s really streamlined my transcription process and I highly recommend it to all students who are looking to improve their improvisation skills.

Perhaps we could also incorporate this into our transcription exercise section :thinking:

More to follow.

I love the amazing slow downer app
I also just discovered that you can double tap on the left side of a YouTube video and skip backwards 10 seconds!

Agreed! It’s just so handy and convenient.

What a fantastic app.

If anyone has any questions on how to use transcription software I’m happy to help.

i see that now it is avaible for android phone either cool

Yeah two winners softwares :slight_smile: