What Record Are You Listening To Today?

(James Lambie) #203

Hi Hayden - yes, it was definitely the voice-leading I was liking in this. This is jazz-funk rather than the purer beast of funk itself, which tends to be more stripped back and ‘raw’ - and, dare I say it, simpler (think James Brown, Parliament, Prince even) - with more of an emphasis on rhythm, bass and the ‘one’. Jazz-funk is a very broad genre though. The main names in jazz-funk (apart from Herbie of course :smiley:) are Lonnie Liston Smith and the mighty Roy Ayers, as well as the Crusaders and their various members. These days bands like Down to the Bone and the awesome Incognito fly the jazz-funk flag. I like both funk and jazz-funk, and could happily post away here for a long time about them both! I take my inspirations from both.

Shared playlists are a great idea! I ditched Spotify last year though in favour of Amazon music (Spotify were a bit useless on android before I jumped ship to ios), but I guess I could grab a free account to join in - if I could handle all the ads! :grimacing:

(James Lambie) #204

Some Down to the Bone - modern jazz-funk:

(Hayden Hill) #205

Awesome thanks for the explanation and artists you mention James . I always saw myself working my way through to funk chronologically, but I’m still exploring the modal sounds of the late 50’s and 60s.

I’ve even found that I have gone backwards to Hard Bop pianists such as Red Garland, Barry Harris, Wynton Kelly & Kenny Drew.

I will make it to funk one day! :grin:

Perhaps we can incorporate other services too. I know from chatting with students that not everyone used Spotify.

I think that shared playlists could be a more interactive version of this thread, that are easier to navigate, update and manage.

(Bryan Stern) #206

Hi Hayden and fellow community members,
I have been listening with wonder to Joey Alexander. I have been practicing your lesson on Somewhere of the Rainbow. What a gorgeous song. Came upon Joey’s transcription and studio solo of this song. So beautiful.

Amazingly, for those of you who do not know Joey, this was recorded when was about age 12. Watch and weep.

And check out Giant Steps

A fantastic solo version of Round Midnight

(Hayden Hill) #207

Wow such a brilliant young talent Bryan… always a joy to listen to!

(James Lambie) #208

Love this version:

(Ana) #209

Só danço o Samba:

(James Lambie) #210

Superb! :smiley: Oh, to able to play like that…

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Wonderful performance Ana!

I love all of Jobim’s compositions :sunglasses:

(Kim Long) #217

Got to see some great live music on Tues…


(Hayden Hill) #218

Wow thanks James… plenty to peruse in there!

As soon as I get a few hours free I will work my way through the songs.


(Hayden Hill) #219

Looks awesome Kim!

I think it’s great how students are sharing local jazz events!

(Hayden Hill) #220

One for @james505545

(James Lambie) #221

What a classic! Thank you Hayden. This is basically a blues progression but in a funk context: wonderful! Funnily enough, I’m going to do some AWB charts for iReaPro of some of their vocal stuff. They had some great tracks and are an influence on me, but not all their material is created equal…

(Ana) #222

i love night in Tunísia .Dizzy is the best

(James Lambie) #223

Transcribing this today, on the funk tip. The rhythm and syncopation is awesome. And scope I think to practice the dominant upper structures once I chart this on iReal Pro for accompaniment:

(Hayden Hill) #224

Nice record James… have fun applying upper structures over this!

(Hayden Hill) #225

Here’s a swingin’ number from the great Red Garland:

Red Garland Trio - But Not For Me

Listen to how syncopated and groovy his feel is at 2:15. despite him only playing a single note.

Red is one cool cat! :sunglasses:

(Hayden Hill) #226

The whole album “Red Garland’s Piano” is awesome:

Piano: Red Garland
Bass: Paul Chambers
Drums: Art Taylor

Album Page On Spotify:

Album Page On YouTube: