What Record Are You Listening To Today?

(Hayden Hill) #285

Wow, such incredible virtuosity…

and she makes it look so effortless! :grin:

(Adam Powell) #286

I would love to learn this as well. Hauntingly beautiful bossa style.

(Pierre) #287

i would really not have recognize Oscar Peterson in a blind test :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… so far away from his usual style of playing … lovely sweet bossa

(Hayden Hill) #288

Yes me neither! From someone who usually swings so hard, it’s tricky to recognise his musical character when he’s playing so straight.

Lovely record @adam_powell - thanks for sharing, a nice choice for the first record I listen to today :grinning:

Also, I’ll see if we can incorporate this style/vibe of Bossa Nova into our upcoming Bossa lessons.

(Adam Powell) #289

A friend turned me on to the song. I absolutely love it. I really love your website and all the instruction you have available. Just wanted to reiterate that. Have a great day!

(Hayden Hill) #290

Yes it’s a fantastic recording :grinning:

And thanks Adam … always great to hear this kind of feedback on the site and service. We will continue to develop it to its full potential.

Enjoy the lessons and have a great day also!

(Ariel Jupiter) #291

The early Sun Ra records are very jazz oriented and overall an amazing experience.
Today I listed to Jazz In Silhouette:

(Hayden Hill) #292

Hi Ariel, welcome to the community!

Listening to jazz regularly is essential for your development and so thanks for sharing this album.

Swing feel, phrasing, articulation, and other areas of your playing can only truly be absorbed through listening and emulating your favourite players so keep this up. Cheers!

(James Lambie) #293

I rediscovered this gem, definitely one for the jazz/funk list:

(Pierre) #294

Mingus was one of the musician that makes me wants to get in jazz music . His orchestra with such a great team Jimmy Rowles piano ,philipp Catherine , larry Coryell guitars … and this beautiful theme “Goodbye porpie hat” still gives me chills and this other wonderful version with Jaco Pastorius on Bass

(James Lambie) #295

Today I was rediscovering this gem from Ramsey Lewis. It’s one of my favourite pieces of music. It’s actually a jazzed up cover of a soul/funk song by the band War from the early 70s. It’s just so beautifully soulful and moody and Ramsey Lewis improvises so simply but emotionally over it. Have to learn this one.

(Hayden Hill) #296

Great record James… I agree his solo is awesome… simple but such a strong groove :star_struck:

As I’ve mentioned to you, we will definitely get a dedicated funk teacher onboard our teaching team for this kind of groove/vibe.

(Hayden Hill) #297

I always try to post the YouTube link for ease of access by everyone, but I can’t find this version on YouTube.

Eddie Harris - In A Sentimental Mood (Solo Piano)

Such a beautiful recording :star_struck:

(Pierre) #298

+1 for a cool funk teacher )

iTs Eddie Higgins … :slight_smile: another style too than Barry Harris and even from Eddie Harris who seems to be a jazzfunk sax player

(Scott Foll) #299

I’ve been listening to Andrea Motis recently. Her voice fascinates me. The song linked here was recorded when she was fifteen or sixteen. (She’s now around 23.) She plays trumpet and sax and began around age 11 with a jazz artist and educator from Catalunya (Spain), Joan Chamorro, multi-instrumentalist playing bass here. Anything he does is worth a listen. He has a youth jazz group as well as his own various groups and big bands. Besides traditional standards, his various groups do a lot of Latin rhythms as well. Well worth a listen for those in the bossa nova class. The pianist is Ignasi Terraza. Scott Hamilton is on sax here.

(Hayden Hill) #300

Wonderful recording Scott, what a fantastic talent!

Her vocal style reminds me a little of Cher Baker’s recording of this tune. I love Chet’s solo here:

We also have a jazz standard lesson on that tune, it’s one of my favourites actually, lovely harmonies to play around with:


(Ariel Jupiter) #301

I got a record of Ahmad Jamal - Jamal Plays Jamal. This is a beautiful record/album.

(Ariel Jupiter) #302

I bought today a record by Andrew Hill named “Passing Ships”. Andrew Hill’s style is very unique in my opinion and his quite underrated pianist in 50’s 60’s jazz scene.

Other recommended albums: Point of departure, Compulsion, Black Fire, Andrew !!!

(James Lambie) #303

I have loved this Brazilian fusion tune for many years - it is so atmospheric and slightly moody, but also incredibly warm. And Flora’s discography is amazing. What a lovely surprise to then find out recently it was co-written by one Jovino Santos Neto!

(Scott Foll) #304

This is from an album that I keep coming back to, “Weak” from Gretchen Parlato’s album Live in NYC. Her voice is haunting, and this group is very tight. I’ve also been listening to the pianist Taylor Eigsti’s albums on Apple Music. I think we’re going to hear a lot more of him in the future. (Also been listening to a lot of Wynton Kelly, but that’s another post. :slight_smile: )