"New Orleans Blues & Funk" Course w/ Jon Cleary - Now Available 🚀

Hi PianoGroovers :wave:

Our course on “New Orleans Blues & Funk” has been published. Watch this video for a taster of the course contents and to meet Jon Cleary - the newest member of our teaching team:

Here is the full course page:

The course contains 7 theory lessons:

And 4 performance/arrangement lessons:

Course Downloads & Notation

The performances and demonstrations from the lessons have been notated and are available for download in PDF format. Most of the examples are the key of C but you can transpose these to any key that you like:

We have put a lot of work into the lessons and downloads so I hope you enjoy the course and the wonderful insights that Jon shares into the music of New Orleans.

Any questions with the materials don’t hesitate to let us know. :sunglasses:


Looks great, Hayden and Jon! Such a cool expansion to the website. I love how the team continues to grow the diversity of content on the site. Can’t wait to check it out :slight_smile:

Thanks Christian and yes Jon’s style is certainly different to the other styles we teach.

There is some cross over with other course areas, such as Chicago Blues, & Boogie Woogie, but the New Orleans sound has its own distinct character.

I’m a big fan of the slow New Orleans blues style as Jon demonstrates in this lesson:

It’s very rich harmonically and I love the sleepy and soulful vibe of it.

Jon’s Live Streams On Facebook:

Also you might like checking out Jon’s facebook page where he is live streaming in an “Ask Me Anything” format:

His live streams are entertaining to watch and give some more insight into his musical style.


This is freakin’ amazing–great course. Thank you!

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I’m a past student and just renewed my sub yesterday. I had been meaning to do this for some time (life stuff gets in the way) but your new Jon Cleary course really pushed the boat out. I love the trad/modern jazz space but like you have a special fondness for the unique and harmonically rich culture of New Orleans blues piano.

Certainly there is important performance crossover between both styles and a music family legacy that should not be ignored - and I can’t think of anyone better today than Mr. Cleary to educate on this. Thanks so much for pulling this together.

I’m hoping this will be an ongoing resource with Mr. C. If input is welcome, I would love to see some discussion on:

Port St. Blues

and the monster solo from this one.

Thanks again - so very much!

John H.

Hi John :wave:

Welcome back to PianoGroove!

I hope you enjoy Jon’s course. I had fun playing around with some of his teaching and demonstrations whilst editing and uploading the lessons. The course is packed full of actionable insights to get that authentic New Orleans sound.

And thanks for the suggestions and the video link. We can certainly consider these in future.

Jon published a live stream on Facebook earlier, if you didn’t catch it live here’s a direct link.

Enjoy the lessons and again welcome back to PianoGroove John! :sunglasses:


Nice! I look forward to checking it out

Great stuff! I only subscribed a week ago to Pianogroove.com, not knowing that Jon Cleary himself would be one of the teachers! More than I hoped for!
And yes, Port Street Blues would be fantastic as well.
Regards, Christiaan

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