Live Seminar Today: "Adding Fills & Embellishments"

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

I’m hosting a live seminar on fills and embellishments today at 9AM UTC.

It’s a beginner-focused session so it will be accessible to all levels. Here’s the page where you can tune in:

Seminar Supplment

Here’s the seminar supplement and notation that we will be working from:

Fills & Embellishments.pdf (864.1 KB)

We’ve scheduled this session at a more convenient time for our students in Europe/Asia/Australia. Don’t fret if you can’t attend the seminar, it will be archived and available to rewatch on the page referenced above.

Cheers and see you soon!

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Thanks so much for another very informative and lovely lesson, Hayden. :blush: Lots of great tips in the live seminar today!

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I agree Kristeta. It’s a great format. Many thanks Hayden.


Great session Hayden! So many tips to explore. Thank you!


Hey Hayden

arg i miss that … have you send some email for it ?
ye very interesting and very dense informations for a live session.

really good sound and nice video quality too… cool
But there was an issue so no student able to interact with you … sad to hear that , must be quite a lot of work.


Hi Pierre :wave:t2:

Yes we send out an email beforehand, see this walk through video on how to register for a seminar and add it to your calendar:

There are 3 upcoming live events - - simply register for the events that you are interested in and add them to your calendar.

And yes each seminar has a live chat so if you have any questions you can ask them directly to the teacher.


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oh wow. Got it. I was so looking forward to Tuomo’s masterclass and sooo very glad there is a replay we can watch. Thanks so much :heavy_heart_exclamation: This is amazing! Watching it again.

Really looking forward to re-watching these live seminars. Curious, do we still get to receive email reminders before the live seminars? Thanks very much in advance. These are all amazing :heart_eyes:

Hi Kristeta :wave:t2:

Yes I will be sending out email reminders and I’m also adding a new notification tool to the site to remind students of upcoming seminars when they log in and when using the site.

I hosted a seminar yesterday on “Arranging Jazz Standards”, check out the archived version here:

Here is my annotated chord chart of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” which we were working on in the seminar:

I’ll Be Home For Christmas - PianoGroove Seminar 24:10.pdf (140.2 KB)

I’ll be scheduling my next seminar shortly where we will dive into arranging techniques in more detail, using the same tune.



This was a wonderful session!!! Can’t wait for the next one and hope there will be more covering other tunes.

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Thanks Hayden will certainly look at this session. I also didn’t receive any notification via email of this session



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The link to the pdf is not working Hayden, it simply goes to

Hi Ken :wave:t2:

Thanks for letting me know, I have forwarded to our tech guys.

Here is another link to the PDF whilst we fix the issue:


Thanks for letting me know Paul… I will improve notifications for upcoming webinars.

Remember to check out the live seminar page every few days and add the latest events to your calendar: