My One & Only Love

Lesson Overview

My One & Only Love is a jazz ballad written by Guy Wood. The tune follows a 32 measure AABA form and is usually played in the key of C major. The A section is very busy melodically with lots going on and very few sustained notes or rests.

The slash chords in the A section look quite intimidating but in fact they are quite straight forward once you understand what is being implied. Slash chords are used to imply that a specific bass note must be played.

Moving onto the B section, the tune is a lot calmer with much more space which offers a nice contrast to the melodically busy A section.

  • Matt

    How would this arrangement compare to what you might play during a show? I understand you might improvise after playing the head, but would you play the head in a much more sophisticated way?

    • Hayden

      Hey Matt, it depends on the setting… if I’m playing solo piano it would be very similar to the arrangement in this lesson but as you pointed out, also with an improvised section. However, if I was playing in a band with a bass player I would be playing a much simpler arrangement using mostly left hand voicings. Hope this helps, Hayden

      • Matt

        Great. Good to know.