Misty Tutorial

Lesson Introduction

Misty is one of the most popular jazz ballads and the distinctive melody is immediately recognisable amongst musicians. The tune is written in the key of Eb major and follows an A1 – A2 – B – A2 Form. The tonality is primarily major with some altered harmony sprinkled in here and there.

Before diving into the chords of Misty it’s a good idea to get a solid grasp of the melody. The melodic range of Misty is 2 octaves with the lowest note being the F below middle C and the highest note being F an octave above middle C. This is quite some range and so as you can imagine, your right hand will be kept busy when playing this standard.

Another interesting feature of the melody is the eight-note and quarter-note triplet sections which add a lot of rhythmic interest to slow tempo ballads such as Misty.

Recommended Listening

Erroll Garner – Misty

Kenny Barron – Play Misty for me

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